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Share Dealing with in-laws from hell

Your in-laws may have given you the cold shoulder when you and your partner started dating, and the situation hasn't quite changed seven years into the marriage when you and your spouse have a child. But since your in-laws are a crucial part of your spouses life, they should be a crucial part of your life too.

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Share The Honeymoon Aftermath

The joys, thrills and fairytale dreams of matrimony can blindside many couples. Before the big leap into marriage most would overlook to consider some of the aspects of their relationships that would change once they are married as everybody gets caught up in the celebration.

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Share Wedding Anniversary Gift

Have you ever wondered what to give someone for their wedding anniversary? While it’s perfectly okay to give a couple any gift of your choice for their anniversary it’s also a good idea to theme the present around what traditionally should be given. Here is a look at the traditional and modern anniversary gift options.

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Share Celebrate Your 1st Wedding Anniversary

If made it to your first year of marriage you should give yourself a tap on the back. With the ever increasing divorce rate you should be proud that you and your partner have made it so far even though it might seem like one year is not that big of a deal. To commemorate the occasion you should treat your partner to a special day they will never forget. Celebrating your wedding anniversary is a way of reconnecting with your partner and appreciating them as your other half. Here are a few tips on how you can celebrate your first year of marriage.

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Share Do You Wear The Pants In Your Marriage?

According to a recent study by Iowa State University, women have the power in marriage. Who “wears the pants” in your marriage?

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Share How To Save Your Marriage

With the recent divorce statics being so high, it’s frightening how quickly and easily some marriages fall apart and end in divorce. Divorce occurs for any number of reasons; one of them being that the couple has just grown apart after being together for many years. Also, many couples fail to realise that there is life after the wedding.

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Share How To Choose a Honeymoon Destination

When the wedding reception ends and all the guests have left the real fun is only beginning for the bride and groom.

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Share How To Make Your Wedding Night Memorable

Most brides put all their effort into to planning the perfect wedding and only give their first night as a Mrs. a once off glance. This is especially true for couples who have been living together years before they actually got married.

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Share My Best Friend’s Wedding: A Speech to Remember

You been asked by your best friend of 10 some odd years to deliver a speech at the wedding, you politely decline because of pure nervousness at the thought of standing in front of all those people.

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Share Make Your Wedding Special With A Siblings Toast

Siblings share more than just blood and a surname; they also belong to the same creator. They share joys, secrets, the good times and bad. When your brother or sister is taking the path to marriage, you may be overwhelmed by the strength of your emotions.

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