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Share An Unsual Valentine's Gift: Attorney Offers Free Valentine's Divorce To A Lucky Couple

I thought Valentine's was about celebrating love not breaking love

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Share The Couple That Sleeps Together, Stays Together

Scientists claim that a couple that sleep together are more likely to have a happy relationship &marriage

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Share Married Women Taking Divorce "Insurance"

Women whose marriages are at the of ending put more work hours as insurance, a  study has found.

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Share It's A Wrap: Famous People Who Got Divorced In 2012

We need not say that 2012 was a hectic year in celebville

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Share Young Hollywood Couples Who Have Been Married For A Long Time

They are young beautiful, famous and happly married, the other couples in Hollywood that we hardly hear negative things about and are happly married with no plans to divorce in 72 days, they will make you believe that true love still exists in Hollywood.

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Share Irreconcible Differences: Some Of The Funniest Reasons People Get Divorced

When people get divorced plenty cite irreconcible differences as the reason their nuptials come have come to an end before death do them apart.

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Share Home Wreckers? Celebs That Dated/ are Dating Married People

These fellas do, sleep, eat and breathe the walk of shame?

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Share What about the Wedding Aftermath

Just as you think all the wedding excitement of planning and arranging is over, think again. There is still the reality of sorting out urgent post wedding matters.

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Share Does Marriage End Romance?

According to a British survey marriage results in an end to romances. The survey revealed that one in five couples go without kissing for as long as one week.

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Share Honeymooning With The In-Laws

Every bride dreams of going to a honeymoon in an island fair away from everyone, where they can just be with their husband and enjoy the good feeling of being a newly wed

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