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Share These Wives Ain’t Loyal : Scorned Husband Sells Cheating Wife’s wedding dress Online

Brother tried turning a *hore into a house wife? ; an Australian newlywed placed an unusual advertisement on Gumtree after he discovered that his new bride cheated on him with one of his best friends.

Dan posted the white wedding gown with the following words captioned.


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Share Lets Toast To Freedom And Failure: Divorces Parties On A Rise, Some Newly Divorcees Spend Up To $25 000 Celebrating End Of Nuptials

Some people despise their spouses so much that when the papers have been signed and finalized they throw big parties to celebrate being single again.

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Share Kardashian Odom Divorce: Lamar Odom Wants $10Million Hush Money From The Kadashian Klan

Looks like Pimp Jenner may have to cough up some of that pimp money, if she wants her pimping ways to stay a secret.

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Share Divorcing The Game: 2 Hip Hop Wives File For Divorce

We don't think these two wives sat down and planned to publicly embarrass their mogul husbands

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Share Husband Threatens To Divorce Wife After She Ate Cream Topping From Oreos Then Puts Back Plain Biscuits In The Box

A woman who ate the cream filling from box of Oreos,

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Share Getting Their Groove Back? More Baby Boomers Getting Divorced

The percentage of older generation people walking to court

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Share Homewreckers: Most Notorious Mistresses In History

For every successful man there's a beautiful  strong woman behind,

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Share Hollywood's Cheapest Divorce: Terrance Howard's Ex Wife Ordered To Return The Range Rover And Keep The Bicycle

Hollywood actor Terrance Howard and his wife of 3 years had been battling it out in court

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Share Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Celebrate 5th Wedding Anniversary In Style

RnB dive Mariah Carey and her hebby Nick Cannon

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Share Woman Divorces Husband Over Small Manhood

Whoever said size doesn't matter is yet to meet this Taiwanese woman

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