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Share Time Is Money Honey: Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces Of All Time

These are the classical examples and motivation to why you should sign a prenup

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Share Generation Of Moral Decay: Why Do People Date Married People

No i'm not talking about the little secret affairs that have been going on since forever, i'm talking about people who openly date married people, why do they do that?

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Share Celebs We Didn’t Know Were/ Are Married

A list of celebrities that not even their biggest Stans knew they are or were married at one point.

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Share Wedding Day Speech

The most nerve racking thing is when you are standing in front of a crowded room and you can’t remember what to say, and you start uttering all nonsense, but we are here to help you prepare for a wedding speech, no need to be scared or nervous, just follow our tips and you will succeed in your speech. 

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Share Best wedding Vows From TV And Movies

There are TV moments that make us all laugh out loud and there are those which make us shed a tear or two because they are just too beautiful to be true, today we count down the sweetest and most heartwarming wedding vows from movies and television shows.

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Share Hollywood School Of Marriage, When Is The Right Time To Call It Quits?

Hollywood has become a model of class, status and trend, people basically model and worship everything Hollywooders do, we aspire to be like them in every way.

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Share The Bride Price

Well don’t we just love Africa and Africans and their unique way of doing things?, well being married in African is quite an expensive and detailed affair

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Share Asking for Money as a Wedding Gift Is It Acceptable

I first read it from a magazine I was reading that this couple added money on their gift registries, magazines are full of fiction I didn’t believe.

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Share Colour Is Everything

Did you know colour plays a more important role at weddings than you think? Apparently there are colours that can help set the mood on your big day.

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Share Matrimony Show Off

Phew what a weekend that was, I attended a wedding of a friend, it was everything a wedding should not be.

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