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Share Hoolywood Loves SA: Selita E Banks & Pooch Hall To Shoot A Movie In SA

Just when you think Hollywood couldn't flatter South Africans anymore,

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Share Yes God Honey: Hawaii State To Legalise Same Sex Marriage

As a gay man would say "Yes God Honey they did that, Hawaii did that"

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Share Sneaky Wife's Plan Backfires & New Husband Sends Her Packing

A new wife found herself being divorced after her freaky ways were put on online for the world to see

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Share Reversed Polygamy: Two Men Agree To Marry One Woman

Two Kenyan men have agreed to marry and share one woman they both love

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Share Aaaaa He's So Sweet: Young Man's Heart Warming Proposal To His Girlfriend Goes Viral

After seeing this, I believe that all good men are taken.

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Share A Happy Marriage Can Lead To Weight Gain For Both Couple

Happy marriage can lead to a couple putting on weight, according to a study

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Share 13 Year Old Girl Married Off To A 57 Year Old Man

The news of a 57 year old South African Sangoma (Traditional healer), who married a 13 year old girl

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Share When Love Gets A little Craze!

So it has recently been a secret of mine that I really do want to get married soon but seriously not up for whole traditional charade. I want my wedding to be about me and my partner not about everybody else. While checking out a few alternatives I have stumbled across some pretty hectic weddings. I don’t know I am willing to go this far but you will be surprised at how love makes people do crazy things.

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Share Marrying Different Cultures

Wedding day is literally a woman’s day it all about the bride and she should shine brighter than everyone but this should be done in a way that accommodates the groom too, which is quite difficult and twice as difficult if the bride and the groom are not from the same culture.

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Share Victims of Polygamy

According to BBC news Muslim groups say there is still a cultural pressure for South Asian women victims of polygamy to "accept this is their lot"

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