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Share New Trend: Brides To Be And Their Bands Bare It All In "Boudor Bachelorette Party" Shoots

In an effort to empower, support and wholly embrace girl spirit, brides to be and their maids are stripping down to celebrate woman hood while the eye of a camera captures those beautiful nude/ semi nude moments.

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Share How To Throw A Bachelorette Party For A Pregnant Bride To Be

Planning a bachelorette party for is fun but challenging,

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Share I Told Him No Strippers At His Bachelor Party

We all have that friend in our circle that is like the queen of nasty, straight talk and will put hands on anyone and everyone who dares to rub her the wrong way.

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Share A Healthier Approach To Partying

One of my best friends are getting married this holiday and I am planning her a bachelorette party but only one problem, she is a super fitness fanatic and doesn’t drink so I cannot choose to host a traditional bachelorette party. A little help please.

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Share Last Minute Tips To Save You

Hey girls if you are stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to plan that bachelorette party here is a little help to save you a little trouble.

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Share The Truth Revealed

Girls haven’t you always wondered what goes down at bachelor parties, especially when your boyfriend and friends come back with their little jokes which they won’t let me in on.

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Share Planning A Surprise Bachelor Party

Planning a bachelor party for your friend is not as hard as it seems. All the boys can get together and plan something that will be a night to remember and keep it a secret from him.

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Share The 7 Day Long Bridal Shower

The traditional Zulu bridal shower is probably the the longest in the history of bridal showers, eve!

This is because the bridal shower takes a maximum of  7 days to celebrate. 
One might ask what these ladies do for such a long time, well we have all the answers you're looking for...

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Share How to: Throw a Fabulous Bridal Shower

Planning for a wedding can be a very stressful time for a bride. To take some of the pressure off and remind her just how much fun is still to come; her maid of honour usually throws a bridal shower. But the stress taken off the bride can soon come crashing down on the maid of honour who hasn’t the faintest idea of where to start.

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Share How To Throw An Eco-Friendly Bridal Shower

To keep in theme with the Green wedding you can also have an Eco-friendly Bridal shower.

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