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Share What About Your Sisters? Kelly Rowland Wants A Small Wedding

Kelly Rowland might as well go to the court house, sign them papers and live her life.

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Share Who NOT To Invite At Your Wedding

Gone are those days when you could invite the entire village to your wedding,

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Share My Love Cost A Thing: Crazy Celebrity Prenups

 Initially I thought prenups were designed to protect one or both partner's assets that were accumulated separately should the union fail, but after seeing these crazy prenups, I'm not sure if I thought right. Let's look at 10 absolutely crazy prenup's of your favourite celebs.

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Share 5 Best Wedding Songs

 What is a wedding without a song? Wait let me take that back what is a celebration of any event without good music? We need good music to celebrate whatever is happening in our lives, but for every occasion there should a song that goes with it, today we count 5 songs that you can dance to in your wedding

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Share Really, Who Should Pay For The Wedding

In many cultures a bride's family pays for the wedding

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Share Decorate Your Own Wedding Cake

In celebration and spirit of DIY, we decided to give you ideas of how to decorate your own wedding cake

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Share The Brides Pre- Wedding Beauty Checklist

 Wedding planning usually has us all on hype. For many brides, bridesmaids and even guests your pre-wedding beauty routine is usually left until the last minute.

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Share Easy To Use Checklist

This may seem as if we are getting a little ahead of ourselves ...

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Share Best Bride Food Checklist

It is very important to feel your best on wedding day. The best way to achieve this is to eat the right foods. 

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Share One Step At A Time

One year to go until your big day arrives. It may seem like a long time away but really time goes quickly especially when there is so much to prepare.

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