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Kardashian Odom Divorce: Lamar Odom Wants $10Million Hush Money From The Kadashian Klan
Kardashian Odom Divorce: Lamar Odom Wants $10Million  Hush Money From The Kadashian Klan

Looks like pimp Jenner may have to cough up some of that pimp money if she wants her pimping ways to stay a secret.

According to national enquiry Odom is taking a page straight out of Kris Humphries‘book, also demanding Kardashian give him back the $875,000 engagement ring as part of their divorce settlement.

After Kris Jenner had Khloe hammer out a divorce deal with their attorneys, Odom reportedly laid out his conditions.

“Kris and Khloe are very worried about Lamar. He’s a loose cannon, and he has a lot of dirt on the family and nothing to lose,” an insider told the Enquirer.

“He knows all about their extreme surgery procedures when, how often and  how much  and the pressure put on the younger girls to follow suit.”

The source also claims Odom could tarnish Khloe’s career by exposing a sex tape they made, but Jenner is trying to tie up loose ends with a confidentiality agreement.

“Lamar is also prepared to destroy Khloe’s reputation by discussing their sex tape, and how she targeted him and tore his family apart,” the source told the magazine.

“Kris is insisting on a confidentiality agreement to ensure Lamar can never discuss his life with the Kardashians either in print or verbally.

“He’s not signing anything until they cough up the dough.”

Lamar didn’t spend all those years with the Kardashian sleeping, he was learning their ways.



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