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Who NOT To Invite At Your Wedding
Who NOT To Invite At Your Wedding

Gone are the days when you could invite the entire village to your wedding, in this day and age wedding is a private family and close friend’s affair, for various reasons, from security, dignity and economy.

Deciding who you want to you invite in is very different from who you should invite, to help you decide wisely we are giving you a guide of who you should NOT invite at your wedding.

Aunty Shumack

The aunt that is an embarrassment to everyone, who can’t keep quite even when you paid her to, she is also very jealous could speak and do things that will ruin your big day.

Mom and Dad’s entire crew

 Yes every parent want to share their child’s wedding day with friend for both good and selfish reasons but you have make them understand that they can only invite few close friends not the entire church and fishing club, after all it is still your day.

5th cousins and other distant relatives

You hardly see these people, so you don’t really have to have them in your small and intimate event, remember the economy part of this article?

Friends from high school that you haven’t seen for 10 years

Some might not even remember you, and some simply don’t consider you a friend anymore so please don’t track them down and invite them to your wedding.

The neighbor

Just because you live next to each other doesn’t automatically get them into your weddings guest list.

An ex

 I strongly resent people who invite their ex’s into their own wedding, it’s petty and childish and extremely hurtful to the other partner if they know.

The kids

 Kids are cute but they should not be invited to weddings, they are a grown up affairs that require order and peaces as much as we love the kids we all know they can’t be tamed.



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