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Time Is Money Honey: Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces Of All Time
Time Is Money Honey: Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces Of All Time

These are the classical examples and motivation why you should sign a prenup before you get married, because if you don’t you might be screwed for half or even more of your hard earned money and possessions.

Tiger Woods

Well after he cheated on her wife, she cleaned him nicely.

Tiger apparently gave Elin $750 million and couple of properties and pays her 200 000 per month, for child and spousal support.

We bet sleeping with all the porn stars and strippers all 400 of them was worth all that money Tiger.

Micke Jagger

The rolling stone married hi fashion model Jerry Hall, prior their marriage they had dated for long 20 years and had 4 children.

All was perfect you would think but when Hall find out Jagger fathered a child with a Brazilian model she seeked marriage annulment and stated that he (Jagger) had been unfaithful throughout their marriage,, for those reasons Ms Hall walked away with $25 million of Jagger’s Rolling cash. We bet Mike didn’t dance to that

Michael Jordan

The ever famous Mike after allegedly cheating on his wife of 17 years lost a good portion of his NBA money.

Jordan’s ex wife Juanita Vanoy walked away with $168 millions, a full custody of their three children and some properties, but for Mike that is only a 3rd of his wealth.

Serves mike right for shooting in the wrong hoops.

Mel Gibson

Passion of the Chris actor lost half of his estimated $850 million when he divorced his wife Robyn Moore Gibson in 2010, they had been married for 26 years, and had separated for 5 years when Mel was detained for driving under influence, but Robyn filed for divorce when dirty dog Mel publicity stepped out with then girlfriend Oksana Grigora.  Such disrespect, girl you need to come back for more money.

For your info, Mel and Oksana broke up a few years later after Mel apparently insulted her and told her he wish she would get raped by a bunch of n**rz. The nerve of this man.


Madonna married film director guy Ritchie and they had a son together and adopted another one in Malawi, for 7 years it was good but things went sour with Guy claiming he was in the soapie opera (like really I would have stayed life is very good in Days of our lives, some people just don’t appreciate), they had no prenup in place and Madge forked out a good $90 million, Guy walked out Rich.

Donald trump

The settlement remains very hidden but rumor has it Ivanka walked away with $20 million, he $14 million family estate in Connecticut, a $5 million housing allowance, $350,000 annual alimony, all of her jewelry and 49% of Mar-A-Lago, the family home in Palm Beach which also serves as a private club for the Palm Beach elite.

For your info she married Ricardo Mazzucchelli they divorced after a few months and she sued him for $15 million stating he violated the confidentiality clause in their pre nup, the matter was settled out of court. Damn this woman cleans them out when she leaves.

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