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The Killing Of White Traditional Wedding Dress
The Killing Of  White Traditional Wedding Dress

When I was younger I fell in love with weddings, I was really taken by the beauty and festivities of the day for me weddings were better than Christmas, people dressed so well and behaved so good.

The earliest memory of a wedding I have is that of my uncle, he was so well groomed in his cream white suite and his bride was just too beautiful she had this beautiful, white dress with very long train and covered her face with the beautiful clothe (veil), the moment I saw her walk inside the church I was sold to the idea of a wedding, I loved it I wanted a wedding too someday when I grow older.

Why would a 10 year old want to be married? You ask yourself, well because I was told by a relative of mine that in order to wear that beautiful white dress with a train that goes on forever you should have a wedding, so I wanted one so I can wear the beautiful dress like my aunt wore.

Years later I have attended a couple of weddings as an adult and I know a bit more about the wedding day, that it’s not about the white beautiful dress and a train and I’m disappointed by the lack of the childhood dream in many weddings.

Brides no longer wear the whole traditional wedding outfit; some will wear dresses like they are going to the Oscars, if not wedding dresses are in blue, purple, navy and other colors. I wonder what happened to the white traditional wedding gown.

Some even wear dresses that are above the knee while they are getting married.

The veil and a train, those are things o the past in recent years Kate Middleton is the only bride who has stayed loyal to the tradition and wore her wedding outfit completely.

The rest just cut and paste and mix and match as they please, really I miss the good old days when brides dressed like brides not like they are going for an opera night.  Don’t you?

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