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I Told Him No Strippers At His Bachelor Party
I Told Him No Strippers At His Bachelor Party

We all have that friend in our circle that is like the queen of nasty, straight talk and will put hands on anyone and everyone who dares to rub her the wrong way.

Well my circle of friends isn’t the exception, we are a circle of 5 girls who met back at college while still trying to figure out what we want to become, and we stayed tight till we all graduated and started working, some had babies and some got married.

Strange enough our “ratchet” friend, the queen of ghetto, Leticia was the one to get hitched first, when the news of her engagement reached me I was working in another city so I couldn’t make it for her engagement party, but I did send her presents and my wishes.

8 months later she was 5 months pregnant and preparing to get married to the love of her life, we planned our parties respectively, the girls and I planned a hen (bachelorette) party and the boys planned the bachelor for her partner, being La as we all call her she told the best man that she didn’t want strippers all over the place, and everybody agreed but you know boys will be boys, they only agreed to get her off their backs.

We went to the bachelor party, on her very angry request (because, she accidentally saw a text message on Damon’s phone saying “the stripers just got here hurry and bring more Champaign there’s 4 of them”,  on our way she was breathing fire I told him no stripper, gosh you can’t trust a man.

When we got there the party was happening boys drinking and cheering loud, seconds later we spotted Damon, the groom and bang there was a dancer next to him, everything stood steel.

She jumped faster than lightning bolt to where he was standing and pushed him aside, started beating the poor stripper with her handbag like she stole something, guys stood on the corners and laughed and some pointing and screaming cat fight.

I jumped in to rescue the striper as quickly as I could after seeing that the guys were just not helping.

Our beloved stripper was wearing shiny leather leggings and covered her face with a lacey mask and had a long blonde hair, minutes after I broke out the fight she removed the mask and surprise it was Brent, one of Damon’s friends and grooms men.

They had played a bad one on us.

The only thing Leticia had to say was ‘Damn Brent” now I don’t feel so bad for beating you up like you stole something, those leggings are mine.”

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