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Hollywood School Of Marriage, When Is The Right Time To Call It Quits?
Hollywood School Of Marriage, When Is The Right Time To Call It Quits?

Hollywood has become a model of class, status and trend, people basically model and worship everything Hollywooders do, we aspire to be like them in every way.

I for one have no problem with Hollywood I love the life led by my favourite stars as much as everybody else, but what bothers me is the way they treat marriage.

People get married for 72 days or 42 days, before even what we call the honeymoon phase ends, boom they have filed for divorce.

Let’s look at the recent case of Evenly Lozada of basket ball wives fame she was married to NFL player Chad Ochohono Johnson, they worked together on reality TV and have been engaged for solid 12 months when they finally decided to walk down the aisle.

She filed for divorce after 42 days of marriage, and cited that the marriage is irretrievably broken in her divorce papers, that made me ask myself what can be so bad that it can’t be fixed in just in 42 days of marriage?

This is the man she dated for almost 2 years before marriage and she had known his flows and everything else, what changed when they tied the knot?

And how did it change so soon? What lesson is she giving the young people who religiously follow her every move on twitter and everywhere?  Mind you, me I’m not saying woman should stay in a relationship marriage or no marriage when there is domestic violence since Evenly did call the cops on Chad after allegations of domestic violence.

All I’m saying is shouldn’t she have looked at other alternatives like couples counseling and anger management for her husband that she promised to love and honour through it all?

Shouldn’t women in general love men enough to even go to court to seek legal assistance to have them committed to classes that can help solve the conflicts in marriage?

Divorce should be the last resort in any marriage when everything else has failed then a person can seek divorce.

That for me  that's  real love; these young stars in Hollywood should take some notes from the first wives of Hollywood people like Cookie Johnson (Magic Johnson’s wife) can teach these kids a thing or two about what is marriage.

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