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A Big Fat Indian Wedding In Thailand
A Big Fat Indian Wedding In Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand's Deputy Governor for the Asia and South Pacific Market says “we have incentives”.

If you are a wealthy resident of India, and madly love planning your wedding, Thailand wants you to exchange vows in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Krabi or anywhere else in its "wedding paradise."

Governor Sansern Ngaorungsi, uses tempting lures to convince rich Indians to travel to Thailand for the occasion.

"We start from overseas with the Indians. They discuss with us when they want to have their wedding in Thailand. We talk with our embassy and consulate in India to give facility services for the visas.

"Not only the couples, there are also the parties' members who they want to bring in. If some big family wants to bring their own chef to come here, we provide them some facilities."

He adds by saying "We have similarities in religion, because Thailand is Buddhist.  When Indian weddings want to have some religious prayer for the couples, we can do that."

Thailand’s glamorous hotels, tropical environment, culture and delicious cuisine is a huge draw card to Indians wishing to wed in this magnificent location. But it doesn’t stop at the wedding. Thailand’s offer includes the honeymoon and an extended holiday to all the guests.

Thailand is soon to be the wedding paradise for the whole world.

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