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Share Celebrating Our Rainbow Nation…Invictus

It’s been almost two decades that the walls of apartheid tumbled down and South Africans came in union at the Rugby world cup 1995 and 1997 and every colour joined in to sing not only a song of victory but freedom too.

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Share How 2010 Will Benefit The Youth

The youth are to be mentored and encouraged to participate in and create entrepreneurial opportunities ahead of and beyond the 2010 FIFA World Cup by the Youth Entrepreneurship Campaign (YEC) 2010.

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Share Make “Game” A Part Of 2010!

One of the highlights of this country is our wildlife. The forethought of many conservationists from the past to the present has left South Africa with an abundance of the “natural world”. South Africa is known for its discovery of the diamond, its struggle for freedom, and its inviting climate, but it is also popular for its wildlife, namely the big five.

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Share KZN: A Tourist Hotspot

The South African province of KwaZulu-Natal has a fascinating history, a vibrant economy, colourful cultures, a host of adventure related activities and a range of entertainment. If you are planning to tour our exciting kingdom, please keep reading.

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Share Reasons to love SA: Our famous women


We have phenomenal export quality......

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Share Reasons to love SA

South Africa generates two-thirds of Africa's electricity.....

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Share Reasons To Love SA : Jacob Hendrik Pierneef's " The Baobab Tree"

Jacob Hendrik Pierneef's great painting, "The Baobab Tree", was sold for $1.4 million dollars on September 10 2008 at Bonhams fourth South African art sale. This is a new record price for South African art.


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Share Reasons to Love SA: uBuntu

uBuntu is a Zulu word meaning humanness, kindness and humanity. It stems from the saying “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” means ‘a person is only a person through their relationship with others.’

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Share Things To Know When Visiting South Africa

To gain entry into South Africa first and foremost you will have to be in possession of a valid passport and where necessary you may need a visa where necessary. If you plan to gain entry to South Africa and other neighbouring countries and the back to SA again then you will have to apply for multiple entry visas. Tourist will need proof to say that they will be able to support themselves on visit to the country and must have a return ticket and valid health certificates.

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