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Share 2010 World Cup Rooms On Offer

The Western Cape has the biggest inventory of rooms for the World Cup, the Tourism Department has announced.

A total of 202 000 rooms are available across the country for the event, 62 218 of which are in the Western Cape, followed by Gauteng with 44 126 and KwaZulu-Natal with 31 273.

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Share Commercial Hospitality Packages Approach Record Sales

The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa has hit record setting levels with over US$115 million worth of sales, becoming the most successful hospitality programme in FIFA World Cup history – and the numbers are still rising!

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Share Safety Tips when Travelling to South Africa

When travelling to South Africa you are entering new surroundings with different people and a type of environment you are not familiar with. This can be daunting, whether you are with a group or alone. Some things should not be taken for granted, and your safety is one of them, so ensure you take as many precautions as possible.


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Share Tour Guides or Operators in South Africa to Look for in 2010

For many people the best thing about South Africa is the diversity. Extraordinary food, inviting climate and astounding hospitality are just a few to mention to convince anyone to tour South Africa. The 2010 World Cup is the perfect occasion to showcase this since the excitement and the enthusiasm is building up.

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Share Hospitality Industry Pledged To Fair Pricing For 2010

2010 Local Organising Committee CEO, Danny Jordaan cautioned all role players in the hospitality industry to charge fairly during the 2010 Fifa World Cup which is expected to attract many international tourists to the country.

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Share List of foreign embassies in South Africa

The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa is sure to attract millions of international visitors during the event, and foreign embassies based in this country will be of huge assistance to the citizens of those respective countries by offering them essential services if need arises.

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Share Committed To A Lasting Legacy For Africa

Johannesburg - Legacy Hotels & Resorts International has committed itself to more responsible business practice by subscribing to the Heritage Environmental Rating Programme. This proactive step aims to ensure that properties in the group reduce the impact of their operations on the environment.

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Share Mzansi Has Heaps To Offer 2010 Tourists

Our country is beautiful. From our sub-tropical climate to historical heritage that makes this democratic country well-liked among foreign tourists.

South Africa, situated on the southern tip of the African continent, is one of the most diverse and wonderful countries on the globe. No wonder it is marketed worldwide as a paradise.

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Share Travel Vaccines

If you’re coming to South Africa soon, it is vital that you be aware of what vaccines you need to take, and what diseases you need to be aware of. The main concern of most people who are due to visit the African continent is malaria. You know it’s dangerous, but what is it really? Malaria is a potentially life-threatening disease, and is a very real threat in most parts of Africa. In this article you will find some useful information to help prepare yourself.


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Share Hotel Safety

Safety is an issue all around the world and even the finest hotels with four and five star ratings are not as safe as you think they might be. There may be security guards on duty at the hotels, lock up gates and video surveillance, but you are still at risk of being attacked or robbed, so you need to take precautions. You need to protect your possessions and yourself.

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