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It is like a dream come true! Every South African or African citizen to say wants to be part of history. We all want to tell the next generations that we were there. It is a once of opportunity, but what do you do if you didn’t have enough money to purchase one mach soccer ticket?
Good news is that no matter where you are in South Africa you will watch all matches free of charge. I am one of those people who don’t only follow the news but move around the country and see as to what is in store for those less fortunate citizens of the country. For example there are those South African citizens who by virtue of economy found themselves in villages or small towns. In most cases these people are the last to be recognized in the map of the country. I mean when big and good occasions like this 2010 FIFA world cup that everybody has been waiting for, for years. Under normal circumstances these people would have been the last to be considered.
I was lucky this weekend to visit Mtubatuba, near St Lucia. Off cause if you have never been in that part of South Africa before, you will be asking as to so? What’s the big deal about this place? But what I witnessed there was fascinating, here people gather in fan parks built for them by the municipality and peacefully watches soccer. The unity among them is amazing I am talking about the real village, whereby under normal circumstances people would prefer to sit in their living rooms if not huts and watch soccer. It sound exaggerated but its true and if villagers can enjoy this one time memorable event obviously for people in suburban areas there is more to do. This is not just the time for you to engage in soccer but you can also be part of history. Although we encourage everybody to be happy and unlimitedly enjoy the games, we however will equip you with the information you should be holding at the back of your mind, each time you enjoy this memorable event.
Make it a family norm to watch at least three games a week, by the way you are not going to pay anything for that. ( if you go to fan parks) e.g. : South beach, near Edington hospital.
Be ready for the strangers who may be asking you for accommodation, who knows you, may make new friends!
For the first time in history South Africa has become the safest place to be no you can take your family out at night, even make a video of that!
Be calm, should any havoc occur. Always keep at the back of your mind that panic makes people do the worst!
It is advisable to keep an eye on your children, you don’t want to be left with scars once the five is gone
Ensure that you don’t start booking any aircraft or hotels during this period unless it emergency.
Always know who is in your house. By this you will be safe and the world cup will be forever be in your mind in a good way.
HEALTH CARE: although the South African health care service outlined by FIFA has assured all South Africans that they have everything ready for this period but it is also you responsibility to look after yourself properly: remember the whole world will be gathered in South Africa therefore new diseases may occur. This means it will be advisable for you to get vaccinated if you know that your immune system cannot tolerate desease.
TRANSPORTATION: Government has reassured all South Africans and visitors that there will be sufficient transport for all but it will be good to be ready for plan ‘B’. Here we refer to in terms of extra cash if you are going to watch soccer in stadiums.


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