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Share Sick on Holiday? Here's What to Do...

It is very possible to get sick while away on holiday, but this doesn't mean you have to cut your trip short.

Sometimes the varied climate might take you longer to adjust to, and you have to know what precautions to take in such situations...

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Share Travelling with Kids: The Checklist

Travelling with kids can be a headache if not well prepared.

Kids need a lot of attention and care.

If you want to go on a trip with your kids you have to be well equipped and organized.

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Share Insight to Immigration

Many people consider moving abroad a becoming successful. Given a overseas job opportunity with a great remuneration package is seen as a stepping stone to some of us to improve our standard of living and for a brighter future. 

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Share Don't let your 'cash cart' run empty

 When travelling abroad you want to have fun and experience all the luxuries of the destination. What you don’t want is for your getaway leaving you strapped for cash. 

Here are a few travelling spending tips taht will teach you how to spend wisely, and get the best deals when you’re on holiday...

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Share Pros and Cons of hiring a tour guide
Alot of factors need to be considered when going on holiday to foreign destinations and one of these is tour guides...

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Share Getting comfy with camping
Camping is a fun activity that everyone should try at least once in their life time. Its getting up close with nature at a lower price than a holiday at a hotel. Camping gives you a satisfaction that money can’t buy, having to relax, play games with family or friends and just enjoy yourself away from the city and its forever moving life. 

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Share Travelling while pregnant

Pregnant women are usually unsure about the issue of travelling while pregnant. The question of “is it safe to fly while pregnant" or "is it safe to travel long distances”, is always in mind. There are no risks, as long as you are going through a healthy pregnancy. However, there may be some problems with women who face complications such as hypertension, diabetes or premature birth

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Share Safety when travelling long distance

When travelling long distances we sometimes tend to forget to take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that we get to our destination safely. We should remember that we have some of the most dangerous roads in the world.

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Share Hilarious Snow Terminology

 Not all snow is the same and who knows this better than skiers and snowboarders? Skiers created in the early 1900s their own terminology to describe various types of snow. The crazy lingo used by them includes funny terms such as “pow pow,” “mashed potatoes,” “champagne snow (powder),” “cauliflower,” “sticky snow,” “dust on crust” and many other descriptive terms. Slang adds humor, color and personality to any vocabulary.

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Share Ten tips for budding photojournalists

Times news snapper Ben Gurr’s top news photography tips:

1: Photographers have to be totally familiar with their equipment. You should not need to think about the technical side of things. Take lots of photographs and your thinking will soon be devoted to the image.

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