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Share Top 5 Places to Stay In the World

Looking to travel the world or just move to the side of a country that has an acceptable world standard? Before you start packing....

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Share Why Kidnappers Target Foreign Tourists

We’ve heard numerous stories of foreign tourists being kidnapped and held hostage by random and prominent groups of terrorists. Unless this has happened to you or somebody you know, chances are you would never consider it. It is common to think that it mostly happens to the rich and famous.

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Share Going On A Cruise

The cruise ship industry is on the rise on a global scale and new markets are starting up all over. The media, however, tend to focus on the negative aspects of the industry.

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Share How To Pack For Your First Cruise Holiday

Cruises are usually very spectacular and enjoyable holiday option which appeals to thousands of travelers. Even though packing is not rocket science, a few tips on how to prepare could be useful. Your 2 most important considerations are comfort and practicality.


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Share Bridging The Gap Between Family & Business Trips

When you’re in a relationship and you travel a lot through business, you need to handle relationships with loved ones well and be able to make them a priority when you are around.

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Share Pack A Picnic Basket For The Beach

Having a beach picnic can be romantic, family and friend oriented, or just an easy way to enjoy a picnic while your at the beach.

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Share Stay Healthy And Happy On Long Flights

Everybody dreads a long flight, mainly because it limits you from body activities and sometimes threatens your health.

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Share Safety At The Beach This Festive Season

As the festive season is now upon us, more and more people will be visiting the beaches and going on vacations along the coast. Holiday makers will be out having fun at different destinations with family and loved ones.

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Share Become a Travel Agent

The travel industry has endless opportunities for people interested in the travel business.

There are successful business opportunities that can build your valuable income. 

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Share Travelling in a Group

Having a lot of friends around on a trip can be exciting and fun but often it becomes a challenge when juggling the split personalities.

Everyone is set to their own routine.

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