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CANCER   June 21-July 22

Your energy and charisma remain high. June’s delays and mistakes recede; from Tuesday onward you can confidently begin new projects and relationships. Until mid-month, you will encounter good fortune where you make your name known, travel afar, ask for a promotion or expand your work duties, seek new health regimens or cures, or engage in higher education, publishing, media, legalities, or cultural activities. By July 16, you begin a year of good fortune in earnings, buying/selling, sensual activities and possessions. (More on this next week.) Sunday to Tuesday afternoon offer you a hint of this upcoming monetary trend. (Though not necessarily of its luck.) Get busy Tuesday eve to Thursday – calls, messages, visits, trips, errands, paperwork, details and casual friends fill this interval. All’s well. You can communicate successfully with a spouse, partner (or potential ones) and the public, Wednesday afternoon. Friday/Saturday nudge you toward home, family, rest, gardening. (Don’t fertilize: it will burn the plants.) All week, you might have to choose between your own and another’s interests.

 LEO   July 23-Aug. 22

June’s delays and indecision end Tuesday – the future is yours to grasp. Your energy, charisma and luck rise Sunday to Tuesday afternoon. This is a good preview of the year ahead (this July 16 to August 2015) – a year of soaring personal luck for you. But that year will be a bit mottled, just as Sunday to Tuesday are. (More in the July 13 column.) Meanwhile, the accent is on rest, retreat, spiritual growth and dealings with civil servants – focus on these to July 15, as they contain unsuspected good fortune. Chase money, new clients, a pay raise, buy/sell or enroll in a rote learning course Tuesday eve to Thursday. This entire week, you are facing a subtle, perhaps even “hidden” change in work and work methods. Wednesday afternoon lets you see this from a positive, fruitful angle, and makes solutions available to those who look deeply. If you ignore it, you can find yourself pushing against closed doors. Errands, trips, visits, casual friends, communications, paperwork and details fill Friday/Saturday. (You might hear/spy further “news” on work changes.) Be careful, go slow. Saturday afternoon, eve might bring an intellectual delight, or a meeting with someone from afar, who could become a casual friend, or lover.

 VIRGO   Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Your affairs, especially career interests, were slowed or snafu’d in June. Tuesday ends this, freeing you to charge forward on many fronts. Until mid-month, chase after social delights, friendship, light romance – and your favourite goals. A late, great wish could come true, especially about home, family, real estate or retirement. July 16 begins a year of quietude and profit from government contacts, research, spiritual and charitable pursuits, and investments. Sunday to Tuesday afternoon give you a hint of this year ahead: be quiet, contemplative, examine your life’s past and future. Your energy, charisma, timing and effectiveness soar Tuesday eve to Thursday – start something, see and be seen, speak up, ask favours, make proposals – you’re the leader! Romance of an oddly communicative kind might begin Wed. afternoon. There might not be much speech, but communication is, unusually so, clear and enjoyable. Friday/Saturday emphasize money, possessions, buying/selling, and memory. Proceed cautiously, barriers exist. Saturday pm, a deep attraction, discovery, investment impulse or communication might occur – make sure all’s ethical.

 LIBRA   Sept. 23-Oct. 22

June’s delays end Tuesday – you’ll be free to pursue your goals, to start new projects and relationships. Until mid-July (and even into month’s end) pursue career, business or prestige goals – you could start a significant project or put an ongoing one over the hump, you could land a promotion or set yourself  up for one. Think “success” – shed doubts! July 16 begins a new luck cycle that lasts until August, 2015. More about this later – it will bring a renewed popularity, flirtatious romance, beneficial group associations, and all-round joy! This Sunday to Tuesday contains a hint of those 12 + months ahead (and, Monday forenoon, a hint of an obstruction to this happiness that will exist for part of the year ahead). Retreat from the fray Tuesday afternoon to Thursday: nap, contemplate, plan, connect with civil servants, spiritual and charitable agencies, institutions, and “head office.” Your energy and charisma come roaring back Friday/Saturday, but proceed with some caution, especially Friday: your family might not agree with your direction. Saturday pm can bring a significant bonding (or first contact) with another: see beyond the present.

 SCORPIO   Oct. 23-Nov. 21

June’s delays and second thoughts end Tuesday. You can go forth and confidently start projects and relationships. These will be most successful, to July 21, if you pursue them in educational, legal, intellectual, publishing/media, travel, cultural and love zones. (Your luck is very high in these to July 15, but they “work” a week after that, also.) July 16 begins 12 + months of  good fortune in career, prestige relations, business, parenting and reputation areas. (The luckiest period will be January to mid-June, 2015, so no need to rush.) Sunday to Tuesday emphasizes these areas, and gives you a good hint of the 12 months ahead. Someone you first meet Sunday could be a good mate or a good lover, not both. Monday noon might tie your tongue. Your popularity rises Tuesday afternoon to Thursday – expect social delights, flirtations, entertainment and all-round happiness! You might have to choose between casual friendship and love, local or international travel, profound higher education or mere “learning.” Retreat Friday/Saturday. Protect your health (especially Saturday) rest, contemplate and plan.

 SAGITTARIUS   Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Tuesday morning marks the end of recent delays and misdirections. You might hardly notice. The three weeks ahead generally emphasize research, investigation, sexual yearnings, lifestyle changes, investment and debt, health diagnoses, commitment and consequence. These can actually be a well-spring of luck now to July 15 – e.g., a superb investment, a joyful physical relationship, pregnancy, a new lifestyle, a commitment that, while large and weighty, will improve your life over the long haul (e.g., a mortgage). July 16 will begin a year of fortunate travel, higher learning, cultural activities, love and more (and more about this in future columns). Sunday to Tuesday give you a hint about this upcoming period: both its possibilities (Monday morning) and its challenges (Monday noon) – the two mingle. Be ambitious Tuesday eve to Thursday – a generally smooth atmosphere lets you take solid steps toward your goals. Pay attention to details. Friday/Saturday raise your hopes and (mildly) your popularity. But maintain a cautious stance: not everyone you run into is a friend. You might have to choose, this week, between the depths and the surface; between casual and meaningful intimacy; between investing and buying, or long-term money and short-term.  Saturday pm, a strong “contender” for your heart might appear in a social setting. Keep some objectivity.

 CAPRICORN   Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Recent delays end Tuesday – prepare for forward motion. The two weeks ahead offer superb luck in relationships, negotiations, contracts, relocation, dealings with the public, fame, opportunities – the key word is offer, not give. You have to put out the effort, be diplomatic but eager, and approach, propose, be a salesperson for your item or ideas. For you, luck always comes tied to an envelope marked “More Responsibility.” Accept! (You might also find that a mate, partner or associate is a dead weight, taking, never giving: if so, you know what to do.) July 16 starts a year of good fortune in finances, sexual intimacy, commitment and consequence, research and investigation, lifestyle changes, health diagnoses – Sunday to Tuesday gives you a “preview” of this upcoming trend. (The best interval will be January-June 2015.) Intellectual pursuits, a mellow mood, far travel, cultural events, legal affairs, publishing and media slated Tuesday afternoon through Thursday. Step ahead: few barriers exist. Your career, ambitions, prestige relations – these are emphasized Friday/Saturday. Don’t force issues, and reject the temptation to quit, which might grow stronger Saturday night.

AQUARIUS   Jan. 20-Feb. 18

June’s delays end Tuesday, Aquarius, so proceed into July with confidence. Everything that has expanded in the last year – that is, work, chores, and health issues – “double expands” in the few weeks ahead. If it’s work, greet it cheerfully, because it will put you in line for a later promotion or pay raise (or simply fill your bank account now). If it’s health, quickly find doctor you like personally, someone who gives you hope – he/she will give the best results. July 16 begins a year of good fortune in relationships, business and public opportunities (including fame for creators) and relocation. Sunday to Tuesday afternoon give a preview of that year ahead (but without the luck component). Be diplomatic. Tuesday pm through Thursday accents secrets, research, large finances (investments, debts, etc.) sexual yearnings, lifestyle changes, health issues, commitment and consequences. News from the doctor will be good (if you go, of course). This entire week might nudge you gently but powerfully to choose between hands-on work and delegating tasks. If you want a lot of work, pick hands-on. A mellow, wise mood steals over you Friday/Saturday, but events and circumstances need caution. Don’t share a secret nor an opinion Saturday pm.

 PISCES   Feb. 19-March 20

June’s delays and indecision end Tuesday. (The indecision mighty linger for a few days, especially regarding a relationship, an opportunity, or home/family.) The past year has offered you good fortune in romance, creativity, speculation, teaching, and in career, status zones. The two weeks ahead present your last, great chance to take advantage of this luck. Follow your passion, Pisces – there is no reason to dither or hesitate, no danger. July 16 shifts your luck to the work and health arena – for the 12 + months ahead (and will offer much stronger career/business luck than 2013/14 has so far). Sunday to Tuesday afternoon offer a hint of this year ahead. Don’t buy any equipment/machinery now – 2015 will bring greater bargains, sturdier workmanship. Relationships confront you Tuesday pm through Thursday – a wee disagreement can arise around noon Wednesday or 4 pm Thursday (PDT) but otherwise it’s a great interval to agree, embrace, love, negotiate, or seek new horizons. (All week, you might have to choose between “lovers” and “flirty friendship” – or levels of commitment.) Friday/Saturday emphasize intimacy, secrets, big finances, lifestyle choices, health concerns and detective work. Be careful, listen to your inner wisdom, especially Saturday around suppertime (PDT).

ARIES   March 21-April 19

Sunday/Monday feature romance, creativity, charming kids, speculation, beauty and pleasure. Even though this happens in an overall atmosphere of quietude and lowered energy, it’s a fine hint of the trend(s) to come from late July to August 2015 – if you ignore the mild setbacks around noon each day. (See above for more on your coming months.) By Tuesday, June’s delays and setbacks, confusions and indecisions end. If you haven’t already, spend the next 15 days seeking a better rental, or buying/selling real estate, embracing family, solving family problems, preparing for or instituting a program for retirement or for your kid’s education, starting a garden, etc. – anything to do with food, shelter, children or security. Tackle chores Tuesday afternoon to Thursday.  Protect health; eat, dress sensibly. Friday/Saturday bring relationships, relocation ideas, public interactions, new opportunities, fresh horizons – and confrontations. Be diplomatic, realize a slight chasm exists between home and career – one or the other might have to take a temporary back seat. A significant relationship development Saturday pm.

 TAURUS     April 20-May 20

Recent delays, setbacks, indecision and mistake-prone thinking end Tuesday – you will be free to pursue new projects and relationships. In the two weeks ahead, you’ll probably be too busy with small things, messaging, catching up, errands, etc. to launch any big new projects – and new relationships will be of a casual, chatty kind. But July 16 starts a year of great good fortune in real estate, home, family, security, retirement, and similar areas. Give it awhile before you plunge into these areas, get your bearings first. (Best AFTER this December; it’s a bit dicey money-wise until then. See above for more.) Sunday to Tuesday gives you a preview of this upcoming good-luck trend – Monday noon gives you a hint of the 2014 glitches in it, also. Romance calls Tuesday eve to Thursday – so do creative urges, speculative leanings, risk, gambles, beauty and pleasure. All’s fine, dive in! But realize you might have to choose between the superficial and the profound – e.g., love or friendship, a creative work or a tossed-off note. Tackle chores carefully Friday/Saturday.

 GEMINI   May 21-June 20

The hold-ups and indecision of past weeks ends Tuesday – after this, you’re freed to charge ahead with new projects and relationships. Until July 16, your luck “doubles” in earnings, income, and buying/selling – if you haven’t already in the past 12 months, try to boost your income onto a new plateau (where, if you’re lucky, it could remain for years). Seek new clients, ask for a permanent promotion or raise, charge where you haven’t, etc. This is also a pretty good two weeks (to July 15) to buy or sell real estate, stocks, bonds, etc. (Overall, I think stock markets will begin a downward path fairly soon – but I could be wrong. I’m only certain – fairly – that the economy will stall.) After mid-July, you’ll be consumed (for a year) with writing, travelling, friends and siblings, curiosity and exploration, media, communications – out of this, if you’re single, a mate could appear. Sunday to Tuesday offer you a “preview” of this trend. Head toward home, garden, family, real estate, security, retirement issues Tuesday eve through Thursday. All’s mostly smooth. Romance, beauty, pleasure, creativity, risk-taking call you Friday/Saturday – proceed cautiously. A love wish might come true Sat. All week, make a choice between long-term (investment/debt) money and short-term (earnings, shopping).










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