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Avoid Travel Bugs By Following These Easy Steps
Avoid Travel Bugs By Following These Easy Steps

There's nothing worse than getting a strange disease or infection when you are travelling, to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you follow these easy instructions from the world health organization.

 Remember to do your research and ask your travel agent or doctor about strange infections that you may contract there and get your vaccinations if you need to.

Personal hygiene e is very important

 The little habits like washing your hands after using a loo, sneezing and before you eat will go a long way.

Be very careful with your food

 You are a traveler

of cause you going to buy from the 5 star hotels, the vendor that sells hat you have been told is the best local meal. 

All those meals are not prepared the same way, some are raw and some are cooked and semi cooked and so on, it’s very important that you put those foods separately to avoid getting sick. Raw food can contain dangerous microorganisms which could contaminate cooked food through direct contact.

Don’t eat anything and everything

 As much as you would want to experience the ‘culture” of the place you are visiting, for the goodness of your own health be very careful of what you put in your mouth. Ice cream, drinking water, ice cubes and milk can easily be contaminated with dangerous microorganisms or chemicals. If in doubt, avoid them. Peel all fruits and vegetables if eaten raw. Avoid those with damaged skin because toxic chemicals can be formed in damaged and moldy foods

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