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What To Buy In A Foreign Country
What To Buy In A Foreign Country

When you leave for a vacation outside your own country, your family friends and colleagues already know you will buy them something, thou you never said so yourself.

You get them those items that you think will make them happy, yet some don’t get the warm and positive response you were hoping for because it is often looked at like ‘I could have picked that up in our local store, thanks for nothing.”

Here are the few tips that could serve as guide lines if you are buying a loved one a gift from a foreign country.

Buy custom made

It makes no sense for an American to travel all the way to Africa and get her mother a “Made in America” T shirt, she could get that at target, buy something that is local and rare in your own country.

Find some interesting local boutiques that specialize in local clothing only.

Like when you travel to Africa

South Africa is known for being one of the world’s best wine producers; you can buy an old local bottle of wine for your friends back at home.

What can also help make your shopping list convenient in a foreign country is to read more about that place and what they are well known for and buy along those lines?

In your custom buying do consider the taste and style of the person you are buying for, buying someone who is a PETA devotee a jacket made of fur, is quite an upset because that person cares too much about animals she certainly would not appreciate foreign fur.

Also consider that you are travelling by plane there is an amount of weight you can bring on board with you, try limiting yourself to small things that can fit easily in your luggage with the rest of your other stuff.

Things like clothes, pens, diaries, chocolates, light vases and maybe some small packable art works.

Hope we'v helped you.

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