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Share Eskom does their bit for electricity conservation at garden show

 The Eskom 49M Initiative, through which Eskom aim to motivate all 49 million South Africans to willingly reduce electricity consumption wherever possible, will be appearing at this years Sunday Tribune Garden & Leisure Show. The 49M Energy Efficient stand, which allows the general public to take a journey “through their own home”, highlights specific areas within this environment where energy efficiency can be achieved.


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Share What’s new in the Zoo...

Scared to buy that gorgeous fabric you've been eyeing out for months in case it gets ruined... put those worries aside Diva’s, this is the fabric for you!

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Share Getting South Africans into the rewarding habit of using solar energy

Whether it is a guilt driven last ditch attempt to halt the damage caused by our self-satisfying lifestyle and to save the planet for future generations, or whether it’s the hole burnt in our pockets from space bound electricity tariffs , we’ve been forced to look to the sky (as opposed to the ground) for sustainable energy sources. We suddenly find opting for greener living, solar energy, hybrid technology, organic food and rain water tanks more likely to silence the Jones’ at a dinner party than the latest 12 cylinder American SUV with the built in petrol pump attached at the back! 

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Share DIY: How to make a paper model car

 There’s great pleasure in creating a product for start to completion.  Making a paper car model may sound like a hard project but in fact all it requires is time, patience and a bit of creativity. Make your own!

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Share Second Life Goes To School

Second Life is a virtual world that has redefined the way we look at society. Used initially for socialising and gaming, the site has now grown to incorporate an educational section – virtual classrooms and universities.

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Share Blog Your Life Away!

Blogs (derived from Weblogs) are basically online journals or diaries, which have become a popular platform for sharing information and ideas. They are also a way of collecting links to webpages and sharing thoughts and ideas with people online. Besides, what’s the point of surfing the net if you can’t share what you find with those around you? Like the journals and diaries of old they reflect the personality of the blogger as it is, after all, you who decides what goes up. These are akin to personal web pages and are updated very often.

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Share Nine Inventions The World Wishes For

While we are grateful of daily inventions that make life easier and impossible possible; there are things that will undoubtedly flatter every living human being; technology clued up or not if they can be invented. Below is a wish list that was originally intended to provide inspiration for inventors first written in April 1997.  Technologists and scientists are busy working on some of the items on the list but they have not been completed and are not yet publicly available.

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Share 02 December 1982 – 1st Permanent Artificial Heart Implant


December the 2nd marks the new era in human life cycle; an artificial heart implant which was first successfully completed in 1982 on a retired Seattle dentist, Barney Clark who was 61 years old.


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Share You Have To Get Wii Fit!

Most Nintendo Wii games included in Wii Fit series require players to get up and use energy and could provide much as moderate intensity exercise.

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Share Mixed Feelings Over ‘New’ Facebook

Facebook’s new "reconnect" feature has upset a large number of users who were told to reconnect with late friends.

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