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Share Stomp To Recharge

A group of researchers at Georgia Tech have issued a paper saying that they have found a way to develop a battery that can charge itself...

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Share Facebook Turns To Gambling To Increase Revenue

Facebook will now help you connect with real slot machines too, a report states that Facebook will allow users in the UK to gamble using real money and real slot machines will follow soon.

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Share Has Instagram Reinvented Mobile Photography?

Early this year, Facebook, in its largest acquisition deal to date

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Share Teens Prefer Face Friends Not Facebook

Surveys always prove us wrong, we thought teenegers are addicted to fFcebook, turns out we were wrong, moret han half of US teen rather spend time with friends than on Facebook, the latest study reveals.

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Share A New Smart Idea Of The Ground

IBM technology firm has patented a “smart floor”. This floor is designed to detect if someone in the room has fallen or if an intruder has entered

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Share Consider This For Your Next Home Upgrade

The iPhone’s ability to connect to wireless systems via Wifi and Bluetooth opens up a wide range of potential devices that the iPhone can control.

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Share Is Technology Taking Over Your Sleep

After reading this article you might want to leave your phone out of the bedroom.

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Share Women Are Smarter Than Men In Social Media

A study that was done by the Privacy Management of social media sites shows that when it comes to managing privacy of social networks women are smarter than men.

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Share What’s new in the Zoo...Liquid Wallpaper

Have you seen Liquid Wallpaper?

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Share Kids have fun going green!

Solar Synergy’s Johan and Katie van Eeden have enlisted their daughters help to build an ECO House to show everyone how they can do their bit to save the earth. The house, which will be on show for the 2011 Sunday Tribune Garden & Leisure Show, was the brain child of little girls, Annelise 13, Marlene 11, and Melissa 6, who thought it would be fun if the house was toy sized...

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