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Share MTN SA Taking A leaf Out Of Their Nigerian Counterparts, They Are Giving Away A Plane Too

Remember the article about MTN Nigeria giving away a plain to one lucky subscriber?

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Share Unprotected Network: Mobile Phones Could Cause Infertility To Men Who Keep Them In Their Trouser Pockets

Mobile phones have become everyone’s best friend and like most of us we take them anywhere and everywhere a new study has found that men may need to re think where they store theirs because keeping them in trouser pockets may be harming their sperms.

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Share Police Arrest 10 South Africans For Involvment In International Cybercrime Network

Pretoria - Police said on Wednesday they have smashed an international cybercrime network operating out of Pretoria and made several arrests in a joint operation with the United States.

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Share Half Hearted Apology: Samsung Kind Of Apologise To Employees

Giant mobile phone makers Samsung has put out an apology to workers who claim to have suffered cancer due to a chemical explosion at the company’s factories.

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Share Grab Your Broomsticks Witches: Hogwarts School Is Up And running You Can Study Witch Craft Online

Harry Porter fans stand up, your favourite school Hogsward is up and running ready to accept your applications to study witch craft and understand the good side of the dark side.

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Share China Doing Away With “Terrorist’ Videos

China is a taking a major step to prevent terrorism, the country’ will track down all videos that promote terrorism, religious extremism and separatism and remove them from the net.

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Share Lights Out: Izinyoka Caught Stealing Cables IN Cape Town

Electricity cable thieves also known as izinyoka were caught in the act of vandalizing the city in Cape Town.

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Share Girls Run The World: Women Dominate Social Media –Research

According to a new study conducted by, women are far ahead of men when it comes to social media use.

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Share iPhones Should Come With Fire Extinguishers: 8 Grader Sustains Injuries after Her Iphone Catches Fires In Her Pants

News will make you want to own a Samsung

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Share Sit Down Kim It's Not You: Beyonce Named Most Searched Celeb

KingBey runs the worls,

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