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One Honest Look: Scanners Said To Replace Passwords
One Honest Look: Scanners Said To Replace Passwords

If all goes according to plan we are soon going to have a new system to gain access to most of our personalized accounts.

A biometric company based in New York, Eye Lock has created a dongle fitted with an iris scanner.

The hand sized device is designed to accommodate as many as 5 people’s different iris identities.

Each user begins by scanning their eyes to take an image of their respective irises. These unique images are then translated into an encrypted code.

The scan takes between 10 and 20 seconds and the authentication code is created immediately.

Once registered, each user can add various online passwords to their Myris profile.

The next time one of the users visits any of the registered accounts they can just use the device, scan their eye to gain immediate and secure access instead of punching in a password.

According to EyeLock, the False Acceptance Rate of the average fingerprint sensor, in which the system is hacked by an unknown print, is one in every 10 000 scans. For iris scans, this increases to one in 2.25 trillion scans.

Myris is set to go on sale in the US before the middle of the year and will cost about $250 (R2 700), although an exact date and price is yet to be announced.

Iris scanning is more secure than fingerprint scanning, and the technology involved is cheaper, making it a more obvious choice to add to future smartphone models.

Iris scanning involves a simple charge-coupled device digital camera that uses visible and near-infrared light to take a clear, high-contrast image of a person’s iris.

When the camera takes the image, a scanner plots the centre of the pupil, edge of the pupil, edge of the iris, eyelids and eyelashes.

It then analyses the unique patterns in the iris and translates this pattern into a code. Next time the eye is scanned, this code is compared to the pattern to authenticate a match.

– Daily Mail






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