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Sexist Era: The Sexist Health App Degrades Women And Sweet Talk Men
Sexist Era: The Sexist Health App Degrades Women And Sweet Talk Men

Wow now women don’t only have to deal with sexism from (Some) men, they have enlisted help of gadgets and app to help them insult women.

The new Japanese developed fitness app is set to get users in shape in a unique way.

Nenshou app works by setting up the user (fatty) with an anime as his/ her love interest and guiding them to fitness with unusual methods.

To start the player/ user creates an animated character that meets up with their childhood love, instead of hugs and kisses your childhood sweethearts tells the character that they’ve gotten fat and they need to lose weight.

The childhood bustard sweetheart automatically assign him/self as the characters personal trainer and guides you to through different types of workout and as you lose weight their interest on you increases.

 The more you lose, the more the jerk love interest become attracted to you, however the success of your relationship’s future is depends on your dieting and weight success.

Here’s the twist though, the women’s lover/ motivator is a cold hearted bully who uses phrases like “fat girl” and more mean words  while boys trainer/ lover is more gentle and encouraging.

The sexist app has done pretty well in Japan, according to reviews and reports it will be introduced on western and whole world in September, through iTunes and Android.

Are you going to buy this app once it hits iTunes and what do you make of this sweet to guys and mean to girls approach?

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