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Poo-Powered Motorcycle Causing A Stinky Rumble
Poo-Powered Motorcycle Causing A Stinky Rumble

By Sunisha Jular


Japanese toilet company, TOTO unveiled the ultimate in green motorcycles and it doesn’t run on gas or with an electric motor. The Toilet Blue Neo is fuelled by biogas produced from livestock waste.

It is uncertain whether this smelly creation will hit the commercial markets but this poo-powered motorcycle or “Toilet Bike Neo” has a 250cc engine that can travel for just over 280kms (or 180 miles) just on fertilized, purified and compressed livestock waste and household waste. But don’t think of it as a convenient potty machine. The design is not meant to function as a toilet, nor was it built for comfort. It was just the company’s way of promoting their environmental efforts.

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