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AirBus Designer’s Vision Of A 3D Printer Designed plane, Could be Seen As Early As 2050
AirBus Designer’s Vision Of A 3D Printer Designed plane, Could be Seen As Early As 2050

3D printing is still nothing bigger than just an idea waiting to be explored to its fullest potential for now, but one hi tech designer from Airbus has a clear vision of which he hopes to see turning to a reality in well around 40 years from now.

Bastian Schafer has been working on another idea with his co workers for around 2 years now. (Forbes report)- On a concept plane that would be built from the ground up with a 3D printer that’s very large indeed, i.e. as big as an aircraft hangar. That probably sounds like a long shot, since the biggest 3D printers today are about the size of a dining table. But Schafer’s design comes with a roadmap, from 3D-printing small components now, but we can only see the plane as a whole around the year 2050.

“It would have to be about 80 by 80 meters,” said Schafer of the eventual, yet-to-be-created 3D printer. “This could be feasible.”

Schafer argues that the 3D printer plane will be cost saving and is aligned with most passengers need to be “green”, as it will be cost saving, will require 65% lighter than average and normal plane.

100 percent recyclable cabin and "morphing" seats that could harvest body heat from passengers.

As air travelers we are hopeful and very optimistic about this idea, after all in technology everything is possible but 2050? Will we still be around to witness the idea home to reality?

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