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Techno Is Key In Air Travel Safety
Techno Is Key In Air Travel Safety

A huge number of new and improved technologies are continually being invented, tested and implemented to make commercial aircrafts a safer mode of transportation.

Areas where technology is making air travel less troublesome:

Turbulence Detection: If the plane hits turbulence anyone who is not belted could smash their head into the cabin ceiling. Funded by NASA, the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is emerging a new system to specifically locate likely areas of severe turbulence and to send that information to all pilots in time.

Safer runways: A new technology called EMAS- Engineered Material Arresting System- is being installed at airports worldwide which do not have enough space at the end of their runaways for a standard 1000-foot- “over run” area. EMAS is a crushable lightweight concrete that will breakdown under the weight of a bigger aircraft, causing the plane to stop. There is another safety runaway technology which includes round radar system called Airport Service Detective Equipment-x or ASDE-X that tracks all aircrafts and vehicles on the runaway so regulators can keep them safely separated. It is only installed in 23 large airports thus far and will be installed in many more nationwide. Another safety feature includes runaway red status lights which will warn pilots of any vehicles or plane that might be coming.

Next gen: The federal government and airlines are keen to install vast overhaul of the nation’s air traffic control system, changing the old radar network with a new generation of satellite- based navigation. The next gen will make it safer by providing controllers and pilots with correct data on the location, speed, altitude and direction of the aircraft.



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