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Share Saucy Sex Secrets

Almost every relationship, no matter how steamy it is at the beginning goes through a dry spell.  Following these simple tips you can be sure to find yourself a lot more satisfied.

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Share 4 Things You Shouldn’t Tell A Man On A Date

Going on two dates doesn’t really mean he is ready to commit and be lovey dovey with you, or introduce you to his family and friends as the perfect wife material, so you should watch out for this ultimate turn offs.

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Share Ultimate Orgasm Guide

Research has shown that 75% of women don't always reach orgasms during intercourse.

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Share Avoid Having An Unsatisfied Woman

This happens to the best of men. You’re with a girl excited, feeling the moment, and then all of a sudden, before you know it, you end the fun too soon.

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Share 10 Reasons To Make Love

Exercise. "Sexual activity is a form of physical exercise," according to Dr. Michael Cirigliano of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Making love three times a week burns around 7,500 calories in a year -- the equivalent of jogging 75 miles.

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Share How To Seduce Your Man

So you have a hot naked man in front of you like chocolate just ready to be eaten, what do you do? Do you run away, hide or stand there just clueless about where to start?

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Share Something Both You and Your Partner Can Enjoy...

Sexy lingerie is of the most exciting ways you can add some zest to your sex life, while looking gorgeous and even adding a little role play.

If you want to spice up your sex life or surprise you partner for any occasion, lingerie is always the sexiest thing for a man.

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Share Spoil that special lady in your life

 As men we sometimes forget to show that special lady in our life how much we care and appreciate them. Some men consider it unmanly or awkard to show their partners affection in front of your buddies. This can sometimes make you feel as if you have lost some guy points and have gone against the the unwritten male law of the ”Guy Code”. 

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Share Fun Activities to Strengthen Family Bonds

Whatever happened to family time? In today's society everybody seems to be moving at a fast pace and have forgotten how important family is and it is not just parents, but children as well. Parents are busy at work all along day, and just want to go to bed when they get home, whilst children rather hang out with friends or play with their cellphones than be with their family.

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Share Anger Management: How to keep the rage under control

Do you find yourself fuming every time you have an argument and out of rage you say ghastly things that leave you feeling unhappy after your anger dies down? Although anger is normal, if it gets out of control, it can become destructive. 

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