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Share Girls And Their Body Image

According to a study of elementary school kids conducted in the Midwest, most girls as young as 6 years old already think of themselves as sexy!


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Share Things You Probably Don’t Know About Sex

Ok so you know it all when it comes to sex. Right? But do you really?  Here are some strange and interesting facts about sex you probably don’t know:

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Share This Is What Guys Want

Even though he maybe brags to you about your great sex life, do you think there just might be something’s he won’t mention?

This might just be it

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Share Cyber Sex

It sounds dengerous and a bit over the top but really it's the safest sex in town, if you never heard of it before don't worry we have the details for you.

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Share Sex After Marriage For Men

Tips on how to lead a great sex life after marriage...

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Share Unexpected Ways To Turn Him On

If you want to turn on any guy with the slightest effort but rather more in an unexpected way, here are a few pointers on what turns a guy on that could point you in the right direction.

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Share Make Him Ache For You

Men are usually taken by what they see than what they hear, so if you want to get his attention you have to use more visual tactics.

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Share How to End an Affair

Not sure how you got yourself into this mess? And even worse not quite sure how to get out?

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Share Sex Positions Women Are More Likely To Enjoy

So when it comes to business in bed it is common knowledge that men are easier to satisfy.

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Share Bizarre Aphrodisiacs from Asian Countries

 If you have been pondering on amorous ways in which to get your loved one in the mood, you sure haven’t been the only one. People have been searching for the best aphrodisiacs all throughout history, in almost every culture in the world.

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