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Share Overcome Loneliness This Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when most people go all out planning their holiday season. Most families have their own traditions and activities planned, but the celebrations usually consist of a big Christmas lunch/dinner and the gift exchange. But not everyone gets that warm, fuzzy feeling when they start hearing “Jingle Bells” while doing grocery shopping...

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Share Dating Ideas For The Clueless

Dating can be awkward, but choosing what to do on a first date can be even more stressful, especially if you are really keen on this new person. Dinner and a movie is always a safe option, but can be boring – do you want to come across as being dull? The movie doesn’t give you much opportunity for conversation, but at least you can talk about it over dinner if you can’t think of anything else to talk about. But why not be more fun, adventurous and spontaneous?

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Share Getting Out Of An Abusive Relationship
Easier said than done.

To an outsider it may seem completely absurd for someone to stay in an abusive relationship. To the best friend who has run out of words of comfort and guidance, it may seem crazy and foolish. But perhaps if we cared to step in to his/her shoes, we might just understand. There is a cycle of events coupled with certain personality imbalances that are produced within either a victim or perpetrator.

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Share Surviving A Break Up

Chances are you’ve experienced a break up once in your life. The most important thing to remember is that it is normal and life does go on afterwards. A lot of the emotions and thoughts running through your mind at the time may seem very hurtful. The healing process is simply a case of “easier said than done!” Give yourself some time to deal with the revelation and adjust accordingly. Try not to dwell on it and don’t be afraid to let it all out. Cry if you have to, wallow in self pity and write in your diary. The important thing is to try to accept what has happened and move ahead in life without that person that you cared for deeply.

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Share Is your Body Image Affecting Your Performance in Bed?

After months of dating you’ve decided to take your relationship to the next level. You plan a romantic candlelit dinner for two, throw red roses on the floor leading to your bedroom and make sure you have whipped cream and strawberries on hand for some hot


. But there’s only one thing standing in the way of your night of passion – you hate your body and can’t bear to let your partner see you naked.

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Share 10 Women You Should Never Date

Dating is hard enough without you choosing the wrong women to make the whole process more difficult. Think of dating as an animal after its prey. Do you think a lion just takes the first hot lioness that comes his way? No, the king of the jungle monitors his potential mate with tactfulness. This is why, despite wanting to get it on every 20 minutes during mating season, you never find an angry lioness chasing it down demanding child support. Here is our list of 10 women you should never date - no matter how horny you are.

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Share 10 Men You Shouldn’t Date

Women always seem to be attracted to the wrong men. No matter how great they think a guy is, he always turns out to be Mr. Wrong. Men are smooth operators and have pick-up lines to impress just about every type of women. Before you fall for any man’s slick moves, make sure he doesn’t fall into any category of 10 men you shouldn’t date.

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Share Keeping It Super Sexy

Enough with the excuses! We understand how difficult it is to make time for some romance in our busy schedules. So here are a few easy tips to incorporate into your daily routine that is sure to recapture the spark in your relationship.

Wine and dine:
Instead of picking up takeout on the way home, or eating in front of the TV, cook your partner’s favourite meal and eat it with the TV off! Light candles and set the table using your good china and get a nice bottle of wine. The time you put into it is what makes it special. Talk openly about your desires, the things you enjoy doing, not only in general, but intimately, sexually. Fulfilling the desires and fantasies of your partner can be a deeply enjoyable experience. And no one is a mind reader. You need to know what your partner wants. You could even feed him or her in a slow, sensual manner. Sweet strawberries dipped in melted chocolate one at a time ought to do the trick.

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Share Score Yourself A Man This Festive Season

A woman living in the 21st century should consider herself very fortunate for one reason - you do not have to wait for a man to approach you when you love him. Yes, go ahead and score yourself a man!

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Share How to orgasm together

There is nothing more intense than pulling a dual orgasm. Climaxing at the same time or within seconds after each other has an evolutionarily sound and brings about equal satisfaction to both parties. However, 70 percent of the time women do not experience an orgasm and the possibility of ‘double O’ stands at less than 10 percent.


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