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Share Stop: Annoying Things Men Do In Bed

Guys the Ding Bang a Boo Porn movie you recently watched might

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Share 10 Amazing Sex Tips

Amazing sex tips that you should try, they'll blow you and partner away.

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Share Please Your Woman In Bed

Excitement and passion in bed sadly doesn’t always last forever. If your girlfriend seems to be bored with her love life then here are a few rules you guys have to remember.

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Share Viagra On The Low: Things Women Do To Better Their Sex Lives

I've heard from a number of girls some of the most shocking ways they use to enhance their sexual expiriances,

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Share 5 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Making Love

Sex and love making is an art  that nobody has ever perfected we (women and men), work on it  and hope to figure out what the other partner really wants

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Share Love Should Not Be Painful

 An estimated 20 million women suffer from pain during intercourse, yet up to 40 % of these women do not seek medical help. The reason for this is that most of these women are unaware of what discomfort is or find it embarrassing to talk about.


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Share Run For Your Life: 5 Women You Should Never Date

We've  told girls about the type of guys they should stay clear of, today we are helping the guys, gentlmen meet the 5 wome you should never date.

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Share Let's Get It On: Which Songs To Play To Set The Mood

well you've probably tried once or too many times to set the mood by playing some music for your significant other

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Share Sex and Your Zodiac Sign

Ever wondered what your zodiac sign says about your sex life?

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Share The ‘Power Position’ – take your man for a ride

Women have been ruling the world slowly but not in the bedroom. Hence the ‘Power Position’, this is where the lady takes control, is on top and rides the man. But some are shy.

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