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Share Self Help: How To Use A Vibrator Properly

Ladies, ladies do you have a vibrator for emergency reasons, but you don’t know the right way to use it?

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Share Maximum Pleasure: News Device Covers Only Tip Of Penis Inventor claims It Is Way Better Tan The Condom

Condom hating fellas come closer, you need to hear this.

An American man has come up with a new device that doesn’t cover the whole penis but only the tip of the penis, leaving the shaft in the open.


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Share Love Me Lights Out: New Durex Ad Ha Ideas Of What You Can Do During Earth Hour

With so much technology around us and its effect on our personal lives latex condom company Durex is trying to get you all to make that old school love lights out.

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Share Viagra For What? For Women Money Is Key & Guys Just Want To Play All Night Long

Ever wonder what really gets opposite sex in a "mood" for some fun under the seets?

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Share What I s A Relationship Deal Breaker Or Should There Be A Deal Breaker In A Relationship?

It's been a while since I shared my love life perspective with you , today I want us to discuss the subject of relationship deal breakers. The stuff that makes you say ok I can take everything but this is too much, this is my queue to leave.

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Share Carter To Him: Songs To Play When You Want To Treat Your Man To A Night Of Passion

Once in a while every woman should treat her man to an unexpected night of good old school loving

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Share Regular Sex Makes One Look A Decade Younger And Live Longer

Friends and respectable citizens of the world, make love more often and you will reap great benefits

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Share Are You A serial Lover?

To help you find where you stand when it comes to relationships and dating, we created a little self introspection with a twist of fun game called "Are you serial lover quiz?"

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Share Foods Not Eat If You Are Planning To Get It On

Imagine this, lingerie, Check! Music Check!, roses

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Share 6 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Sex Life

We know that an average fox is always looking for ways to improve his/ her sex life, so today we are giving you a hand

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