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Share Sex, Lies & Videotape

When you hear the word “spontaneous” many different thoughts come to mind – skydiving, a drunken night out etc, but when associated with sex the thoughts can be wild.

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This week’s sex toy is more playful than you think. It made for those readers from Mars, but girls, you will be sure to reap the fruits too! If going down on your knees is just not your idea of a good time, then I guess you don’t have to leave your man disappointed after all.

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Share Under the Bed Restraints

Now this little toy can make any women smile. It is time for women to take control and show him who’s the boss – well sort of - and there is not a thing he can do about it.

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Share The Sex-Toy Checklist

So you have ditched that fear of embarrassment and decided to check out the adult store in search for the sex toy that might suit you and your desires comfortably. The best way to do this is to look up a “Sex-Toy Checklist.”

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Share Miracle massager

Every woman needs a sexy little assistant that can offer her an energetic full body massage and a quality clitoral stimulation.

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Share Which sex toy material is right for you?

Sex toys have recently become a lot more advanced. Now there are many types that differ in shape, size, motive and material

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Share Four Play Massager Kit

The Four Play Massager Kit is a fabulous sex toy for beginners who are unsure of what to purchase

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Share The Iris

The Iris creates G-Spot stimulation in a classy, more sophisticated way by creating more pleasure in a graceful manner.

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Share Feel My Curves…

If you are in search of a non-vibrating sex toy that will still give you maximum pleasure, then this is the toy for you.

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Share White Nights Pleasure Kit

Every women with the desire to be pleasured needs to have their own vibrator kit – one that will satisfy them the way they need to be.

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