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Share For Those Of You Who Have A Little Freak In You

Some like it hot and some like VERY hot, wild and adventurous, and today we cater for the wild at heart.

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Share Why Sex Toys Are Healthy

 It is said that sex plays a huge part in a healthy relationship and it isn’t just a myth that a good sex life can improve your mood as well as improve a relationship or marriage. As research confirms time and time again, good sex in a healthy, stable, monogamous relationship can only better our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

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Share Girl’s Little Erotica Secret

Some say it’s a great pick me up on a lazy Wednesday, well I say it’s a revolutionary oral experience like never before. You are spoilt for choice as you get to choose how fast or slow you want it. Almost sounds surreal.

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Share Girl’s Secret To Great Sex, After Having Children

One reason I love hanging around girls from every walks of life is that I learn something new every time. In my one of girls session with friends I met on facebook  we ended up talking about vaginal aiders (not really sure if that’s what they are called).

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Share Gina Lynn Pink Hairness and Dong

For the girls who like doing other girls we present

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Share Better Than Chocolate

A vibrator that claims to be Better Than Chocolate?

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Share Shhhi Don't Tell, Its Lola's Lips

Sex, Sex and More sex toys, there are plenty for women and they are all over the plac, but what about men? do they have sex toys, if yes are they spoilt for choice like their female counterparts?

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Share The Lelo Tiani

In my opinion, words cannot describe this revolutionary plaything. 

The list of attributes has ticks in every box! 
It is rechargeable, waterproof, has mind-boggling settings, discreet, 1-year warranty, great for couples or solo usage, remote controlled, wireless and has SenseMotion which has it responding to the control like a Wii! 
Need I say more? Yes!

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Share A memory stick that touches all corners of your life

Mixing business with pleasure has never been this fun, as San Francisco designers Ti Chang and Michael Topovac make mixing business with pleasure legal with their new, one of a kind Duet. 

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Share Ladies this maybe the most important sexual tip you may ever read, so pay close attention.

Vibrators, this device has become the most popular and effective sex toy around. Yes they all love it, but the question that many female minds ponder is, “which one is right for me?”

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