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Share Sex Addiction A Real Disorder

 What most of us generally considered “an excuse” for cheating husbands and wives, new studies are suggesting sex addiction a real disorder!

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Share The Biggest Guys Live In……

So it turns out the saying ‘Once you go black you never go back” is half true but it should be changed to once you go African you never go back”.

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Share Meet The Fokkens, Amsterdam’s Oldest prostitutes

Meet the fokkens, twin sisters (70), from the distance they are ordinary two pensioners who have been blessed to live long, but those who know these twin sisters personally will tell you that the two are actually hookers /brothel workers.

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Share How Is 50 Shades Affecting Your Sex Life?

 Yup it is true, the hype around 50 shades has done more than just sold millions of copies. ABC News post in July suggested that the erotic trilogy sparked a baby boom.

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Share Too Tired For Sex?

It is reality that sometimes you may not have the energy for sex. Between work, kids, finances, social obligations and rarely ever time for a holiday it is no surprise that energy levels run low.

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Share Semen Is Good For Your Health-Study

Well most of you already know from experience that it’s good, but I bet u didn’t know that it is really good for you and your health right?

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Share Yoga For Better Sex

We know that yoga has amazing health benefits but besides relieving stress, improving flexibility and increasing blood flow, yoga can also improve your sex life.

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Share Eat For Sex

Spicing up your sex life?

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Share 10 Oh Yeah Facts about Orgasms

Some amazing facts on the best fun you could have for free according to cosmopolitan.

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Share Is Hitting It From Behind Healthy And Safe?

It’s a taboo to some people but reality is more and more straight couples are engaging in anal sex, it’s no longer just a gay couple thing.

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