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Share Lucky Girls? Why Some Women Have Random Orgasms

While some women have never had an orgasm

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Share Have A Heachache? Have Sex Experts Say It Reduces Pain

Well, wives and girlfriends will have to come up with a new excuse deniying

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Share S&M? Man Stabbs Sex Partner Because He Refused To Switch Positions

A 3 sum (Sexual intercourse between 3 people) went horribly wrong when a man ended up stabbing one of his mates because he refused to

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Share Bedroom Exhibitionists Have More Fun

The exhibitionists as they are called have more fun in the bedroom

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Share Put That Glove On: Sex With Condom Is Just As Good

Well i'm probably not the only one who's heard people saying "making love with a glove sucks,"

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Share Introduced To New Kind of Antidepressant

According to Times Live a new study has found that those women who are directly exposed to semen on a regular basis are less depressed.

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Share You Are What You Eat, Even Down There

The saying "You are what you eat", has been around for decades, but i bet you didn't know it doesn't only apply to the size of your hips and waist. It goes down and deeper all the way to your lady parts.

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Share Family Business- Mom And Daughter Do Porn Together

This mom and daughter duo bring the whole new meaning to the phrase "Family business", they do pornography together.

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Share What Other Factors Affect Your Sex Drive?

Sex therapist, Dr Elna Mcintosh once made the comparison to how Andrew Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs pyramid related to our sex drives.

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Share Male Escort Says He Had Steamy Sex Session With Jessica Simpson's Dad

He was hiring male wh**es before he was caught creeping with youth, Mr Simpson's male escourt give details of their "steamy sex session."

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