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Share Preaching The Wrong Word: Minister Found Guilty Of Knowingly Passing HIV To Women In His Church

We have so many questions for these people; doesn’t the bible say thou shall not fornicate, why are they fornicating inside the church?

Minister Craig Lamar Davis was found guilty by US jury of failing to disclose his HIV status to his sexual partners,


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Share Bye Bye Fake Oh, Ohs: Viagra For Woman To Be Introduced Soon

Women, your days of faking it may soon come to an end, if this survey is anything to go by.

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Share Virgin Again: Brazilian Woman Selling Her Virginity For A SECOND Time

Do you remember Catarina Magliorini, a 21 year old Brazilian woman who made headlines by auctioning her virginity,

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Share The Miseducation Of Freshmen: Quarter Of Freshmen Catch An STI & Some Don't Remember Who They Slept With

For those of you who have been to collage you know that being a freshman is the most liberating expiriance,

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Share Not Here: Couple Fined For Getting Their Freak On, In Public

Marvin Gaye said let's get in on and this couple did exactly that in a car

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Share Condomise, Porn Stars Told By Court

An American Federal judge has ruled that adult fiml actors must put on protection, always

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Share Michael Douglass Dismisses His Own Claims That Oral Sex Caused Him Throat Cancer

Hollywood A list star Michael Douglass made headlines ealier this week when he said oral sex gave him throat cancer

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Share Oh Yes: Amazing Health Benefits Of Masturbation

Helping yourself in a biblical manner is embarrassing, most people don't admit to doing it

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Share Ladies You Are Not Alone Me Do It Too: Men Admit To Faking Orgasm

It is common knowledge that women fake orgasmto stroke their partner's ego, but a recent study has revealed that faking goes both ways

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Share 70 Year Old Prostitutes Quit The Sex Business After 50 Years

Remember Louise and Martine Fokkens

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