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Share Jen And Ben’s Happy Family

Staying out of the public eye, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner surprised many with their announced wedding on June 29, 2005.

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Share Score Yourself A Man This Festive Season

A woman living in the 21st century should consider herself very fortunate for one reason - you do not have to wait for a man to approach you when you love him. Yes, go ahead and score yourself a man!

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Share Flirt Without Saying A Word

You are on a girls’ night-out with your BFFs or have just been introduced onto a new environment – which can happen to be a new workplace –

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Share My Boyfriend Or My Family?

When love is found, a sense of joy is always evoked. The thought of being cared about, feeling of being cherished and even the fact that you appeal to someone is an experience that not any completely sane person would take for granted. We do not listen to what we should do, think or feel because the interference of a third party is what most people label as trouble, but what does one do when it is more than just interference, when one is torn apart between love and family?

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Share Saying "I Do!"

The words "I do", only comprised of three simple letters and supposedly should be easy to utter but what makes so many people find it hard to say them?

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Share Gwen And Gavin: Rockstar Love

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are probably rock 'n' roll's most successful couple. The two lovebirds met in 1995 backstage at a Los Angeles radio concert when Gwen's band 'No Doubt' and Gavin's grunge band 'Bush' were both dominating the music scene. Talk about a match made in rockstar heaven. They then became involved in a long distance relationship and eventually married in 2002.

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Share In Love With A Best Friend

Hearing someone saying they have fallen in love with their best friend isn’t an uncommon event. You cannot help falling in love with people. It happens naturally and most people argue that If you were friends first, it just means that the two of you are compatible.


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