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Share Revenge is A Dish Best Served Publicly: Women Team Up To Dump Cheating Love Rat

Two English women who found out that their partner was cheating on them with each other joined hands and minds and came with an idea of how to best serve revenge to their love rat partner.

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Share Wife Of Viral “Handsome Felon” Jeremy Meeks Is Angry At People Lusting Over Her Jailbird Hubby

A mug shot of a handsome young felon has ladies all over the world melting and shamelessly confessing their lust over hot felony Jeremy Meek.

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Share 31 Year Old Man Is Head Over Heels With His 90 Year Old Grandma Girlfriend

He says he likes platinum hair, hanging skin around the neck, lines and sagging boobs. 31 year old Kyle, says he loves his 91 year old girlfriend despite social expectations and age difference.

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Share Uncle Bob Made Me Do It: “I Impregnated My Wife 9 Times in 10 Years Because Of Mugabe”- Says Politician

Don’t underestimate Robert “uncle Bob” Mugabe, not only can he drive all whites out of Zimbabwe, grab land and  rig elections, he can also make a man have 9 kids in 10 years.

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Share Wrath Of A Side Piece: Chris Brown’s Side Chick Komrade Reacts On Being Called A side Chick

VH1 blog recently compiled a list of Hip hop’s most notorious side chicks and in their list they included Chris Brown’s girlfriend Komrade Karruche

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Share For Closure And For Love: Sometimes We Need To Go Backward Before We Can Move Forward

You may  remember the piece I wrote after breaking up with a guy I thought was the one a couple of years ago, if you don’t here’s the Lie of my life saga.

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Share Gabourey Sedibe Delivers A Precious Speech On Self Love And Self Confidence

Hollywood starlet Gabourey Sedibe who is famed for playing a troubled overweight teen Precious in a movie of a same title delivered a tear jerking and arguably best speech about self love, acceptance and confidence of the year at the Ms. Foundation for Women Gloria Awards and Gala Thursday night.

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Share 12 Years A Stunner And Senior: Naomi Campbell Is Dating 12 Years A Slave Hunk

Naomi Campbell sure knows how to pick them, from a billionaire Russian to a hunky Irish German her dating preference is nothing short of the best.

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Share Caught On A Lie: James Franco Denies Chopping Lindsay Lohan

Claiming is never a good look especially when done by a female.

A week after Hollywood troubled star Lindsay Lohan released a list of famous people she has had sexual relationships with one has come out and dined ever being in a sexual with the starlet.

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Share A Woman Scorned: Wife Takes Out Ad In News Paper To Congratulate Cheating Hubby For Impregnating Another Woman

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned they say, this Texan woman proved just that when she took out an  ad in a local news paper to congratulate her good for nothing cheating husband and his mistress on their new baby.

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