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Uncle Bob Made Me Do It: “I Impregnated My Wife 9 Times in 10 Years Because Of Mugabe”- Says Politician
Uncle Bob Made Me Do It: “I Impregnated My Wife 9 Times in 10 Years Because Of Mugabe”- Says Politician

Don’t underestimate Robert “uncle Bob” Mugabe, not only can he drive all whites out of Zimbabwe, grab land and  rig elections, he can also make a man have 9 kids in 10 years.

 A Zimbabwean man says he impregnated his wife 9 times because of the country’s president Robert Mugabe.

Job Sikhala says after he was arrested and electro executed by Robert Mugabe’s regime in 2003 he felt he needed to have as many kids as possible before uncle bob destroys his chances of being a father for good. At the time of his arrest Sikhala had only one child reports MyZimbabwe.co.za

"I am a family man. I am married with my beautiful five daughters and my handsome five sons. And you know it was forced by (President) Mugabe's torture. After l was tortured, l went to South Africa and Denmark for treatment and some of my colleagues who were tortured with me are not even able to produce children by now on the basis of that torture," Sikhala said.

"So when l was able to do that, l said 'no, Mugabe will kill me without any children'. By the time l was tortured, l only had one kid in 2003 and you can see that in 10
years, l raised for myself to have kids before Mugabe kills me..."

Sikhala continued: "I am telling you l was afraid because my colleagues are still suffering today; they have tried almost everything for them to be able to
produce children...they were electrocuted, they cut the reproductive
organs which they also did to me but fortunately l was young at that time. l was able to quickly respond to medication in Denmark and l was able to produce kids; so when l realised 'no l can now do it' l said let me do it in 10 years and finish it so that when Mugabe comes with his war of attrition, l would have left sons and daughters who would continue with the struggle which l started."

Good Job, job

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