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For Closure And For Love: Sometimes We Need To Go Backward Before We Can Move Forward
For Closure And For Love: Sometimes We Need To Go Backward Before We Can Move Forward

You may  remember the piece I wrote after breaking up with a guy I thought was the one a couple of years ago, if you don’t here’s the Lie of my life saga.

Young, heartbroken and not knowing any better I poured my heart out to the paper to realise and relieve myself from hurt and stress.

After writing this I mailed him the article thinking that maybe after reading it, he might reconsider what he has done and at least apologise for treating me that way, but I waited, waited and waited he never did not once respond to my mail.

Life went on I put him at the back of my mind and had a few stints relationships, one very serious with one guy but it didn’t work out after a year of trying we gave up.

 I took some time to myself and for myself and after I had put things to perspective I felt ready to date again but none of the cats that were “available” to me were good enough.

So innocently or not I went to the back of my mind and I reached for him on social network, must have been my lucky day because within minutes of sending out the invite he replied jolly and silly as always.

 We exchanged numbers again, after a day he called and I finally got a chance to give him my side of our story, well being a man he sure had his too. I learned that he never received my mail, how convenient, I resent, after a good read he apologised, clearly we had some communication problems because he says he thought I was the one who bowed out.


He’s still the same old him, frail sense of humour, sweet most of time but very snappy. It’s either his way or the high way. I hate that about him but hey they say love yours with flaws and all, so I guess I have to accept snappy too.

Though being a strong woman with a mind of her own and who speaks her opinion and does what she feels is right does get to him I think he’s learned to accept and embrace my strong character.

We are a few months in still very much the same people we were at our first stint 3 years ago the only different is we are older, wiser and much more accommodating to another’s personal traits.

And if you are wondering why did I go back to him, after what happened at first time well I wanted to silence my own doubts get, the what ifs, what could have or would have become of us had I been a little patient and understanding with him, always haunted me. I hope for this to last but if it doesn’t at least I know I tried I pulled mine it was just not meant to be.

That’s the way love goes, we risk everything for this one feeling, the question is it ever worth it? No love alone is not ever worth risking your whole being for but being in love is worth this and more.

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