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What I s A Relationship Deal Breaker Or Should There Be A Deal Breaker In A Relationship?
What I s A Relationship Deal Breaker Or Should There Be A Deal Breaker In A Relationship?

It's been a while since I shared my love life perspective with you , today I want us to discuss the subject of relationship deal breakers. The stuff that makes you say ok I can take everything but this is too much, this is my queue to leave.


Well personally I have many but I never really stick with them, because if I did I would be single every day after starting relationship, but one that I can’t forgive or live with is cuddling with an ex.

This one here has definitely ran me out of a number of relationships, I just don’t get how and why people get all touchy with their exes, I’ve had a guy who occasionally got carried away with his baby mama”,  his words, where they do that at?

Of course being a woman in love I didn’t immediately break it off with Mr Cuddler, I gave him an ultimatum, the relationship or the tryst with an ex. One lesson I learnt from giving a man an ultimatum is that it’s like giving him a rope to hang himself with; he’s going to do what he wants to do anyway.

Maybe I would have stayed a minute longer in a relationship if the woman wasn’t a baby mama, but she was and I know for sure she is always going to be in his life and if I choose to stay with him, she will forever be in mine too. That will automatically create drama, unwanted bad blood and insecurities on my part because will always have to second guess him and her. Always wonder if the “animal’ in them has awaken and they had one of their trysts while I’m in the picture.

After weighing my options and possibilities of happiness as in a long run I cut my losses and moved on,  I loved the guy but hey, loving, and heartbreak go together right? Like Rihanna said

I‘ve loved and I’ve lost AGAIN.

Damn the hood economists, baby mama wins again.

So ladies would you stay in a relationship with someone who’s still cuddling with an ex, tell us what are your relationship deal breakers?

Sound off on our official facebook page.


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