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Girl’s Secret To Great Sex, After Having Children
Girl’s Secret To Great Sex, After Having Children

One reason I love hanging around girls from every walks of life is that I learn something new every time. In my one-of girl session with friends I met on facebook we ended up talking about vaginal aiders (not really sure if that’s what they are called).

One girl came to share a story about her smart balls, how wonderful they have made her sex life, after 5 babies. First I was stunned because I had no idea what balls she was referring to.

If you are curious as well, smart balls are two weights, round balls, surrounded in medical graded silicone and easy to insert into the vagina.

To inset them start by lying on your back with the one ball inside your vagina and contract your muscles as tightly as you can. Then begin to walk around.

When you stand up and walk around and your ball falls that shows your muscle are loose but if you stand and walk around and your ball doesn’t fall than your muscles are in a correct state.

After a while you can put both balls in and feel your virginal grips getting back to their normal state.

They say the smart balls work wonders, they make you hold the pennies better and be more excited during sex and that leads to more fulfilling orgasms.

Caution you must continue the use of the smart balls for 3 months.

I don’t know if I will be brave enough to take the smart balls challenge but I definitely can tell you from what I’ve heard from girls who have been using them, they work wonders.

Till we go shopping again, play safe.

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