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The Lie of My life -Part (One)
The Lie of My life -Part (One)

I didn’t cry, as somehow I had expected this to happen, it was over before it even began.  He called my phone at least twice but I didn’t answer and he texted “ please answer my call I need you” I was tempted by the word “need” , then something in me said ignore it he doesn’t mean it. 

I was right the swearing began; he swore and called me names no person had ever called me before. The taxi was not fast enough for me that day.

When I finally reached home my two cousins looked, wondered and I cracked a fake a smile and started relating my story to them. “He did not, no he didn’t” I screamed with a wide grin on my face.  He just didn’t come to meet me, again. I stood at the gate of his house but he did not come to meet me.

A guy that I had dated for at least three months, a fair looking dude, with a good job, a car and a house of his own. He appeared smart and well mannered; after all he was an evangelist at his church. I could have not predicted the ordeal I was about to experience with him.

I guess the signs were always there but I ignored them because I was the woman in love, he talked and promise heaven on earth. After months and months of warning from friends I had to drop the guy whom I love and hoped for a future with, understand me when I say my friends didn’t  cause this break up he did, he lied, cheated and was never honest. I never caught him on a lie but somewhere deep in my heart I felt it. 

He never called, or smsed but, I understood he had, a bond, a car and a kid all to maintain. We were both on social network but we rarely spoke, again I understood he was busy, he had work, church, school and a kid to look after. I always understood.

Being ignored was not a problem to me, I kept telling myself that I had to be patient and he said he loved me when we met so he must have meant it. He wouldn’t lie, an evangelist and man of God.  My man of God was not immune to temptation; I knew and understood that pressures of the flash will come to him at times. That’s why I dragged and at all cost avoided sleeping over at his house, I didn’t want to be the reason he broke his beliefs.  That’s how I am with every guy I date, I don’t just jump into bed in the first few months of dating.

Again I recall a time when we were chatting on social network, he was somehow angry that I did not act like “his woman” I did not give him time to spend with me, mind you this is the same man who called like zero times a week and is always at work, church, school and fetching his child from school. And the same man who had zero seconds to spend with me in a day, he could only make time for me late at night. That is when I put my foot down, told him straight up that I will not be used as a booty call. It was either we spent time in broad day light before the sleep over’s start or we will never spend time together.

He understood for once and started to explain again to me how busy he is, that he wanted a woman who can keep up and understand his “holy and ambitious life” and I seemed to be that woman. That must have gotten to me because right after that I submitted and told him I would sleep over on the weekend.  After that we were as happy as could be, he even called once and sms’s came.

When the day arrived I bailed out something in me said don’t do it and for once in a long while I listened to that inner voice. I made some silly excuse and as I expected he was pissed, not pleased and at the spur of the moment he told me “I really loved you, I wanted us to grow old together and knowing the lord together, but this is not working out even the bible says we can choose things for ourselves but if it’s not what the lord wants for us we will not prosper in those things.” 

My heart dropped to my stomach “You loved so you no longer love me?” From there things were said, I don’t remember much bet we sorted it out, I made another offering, myself, I promised to come and sleep over again soon.

This time I kept to my word, he was to pick me up in town after work at 18:00, I got there at 17:40, I was early, I waited and he only showed up at 19:00, an hour later, I was angry but as soon as he got there all the anger went away, he had such a charming personality. I couldn’t resist that.

We drove to his house in the sweet summer rain, because I’m such a sucker for romance I convinced myself that the rain was meant for us, you know how it always rain when two lovers who are meant to be, finally kiss. I had that in my head we were all smiles, talking about nothing. We were happy; at least I thought we were. We got to his place in like 2 seconds, the rain still poured he had no umbrella in his car and was not about to let my hair get wet he took off his shirt and insisted that I use it to cover my hair, I was flattered by that little sweet gesture.

We got to the house, he did all the sweet things no guy has ever done for me. He gave me a foot massage, we watched TV and all the time I was sitting on his lap, later in his bed we made love, it was more than just sex it was love making. Thou I had initially swore not to do it with him before marriage or meeting the folks but I forgot about all that in that night.  We stay up half the night talking, we just didn’t want to fall asleep, we were in each other’s arms everything felt alright, and my world was complete in his arms.

The next morning I was all smiles and more, but it was going to be time before I saw him again because he was going away for three months, I promised to wait for him, he promised to come back for me. We loved each other.

When he was away he texted me saying “I’m coming home, for the weekend if you want to hook up let me know” thou this was no way to speak to your lover, a person you promised to marry and be a mother of your kids one day. I didn’t mind. I told him I sure would love to spend some time with him because I missed him, I was not about to let a little thing like choice of words rob me of time to spend with my significant other.

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