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Share Forget Me: Google Being Flooded With Requests To Clear Online History

Months after Europe legalized an act to have people removed from search engine history if they want to be, biggest online search company Google has received overwhelming requests from people wanting to be erased from online search history.

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Share Doctor Under Fire For Bridgibg The Doctor Patient Confidentiality Code

A gynecologist has found herself in deep trouble for posting her patient's confidential information on Facebook

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Share Few Facts We Think You Should Know About Ganishee Order

Being garnished is one of the most irritating things your creditors can do to you,

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Share Health and Safety In the Workplace

 Many employees are often uneducated about their own basic health and safety requirements of their working environment. The Occupational Health and Safety Act 1974 imposes certain obligations on an employer not only to take all such actions as to safe guard the health and safety of staff but also to be able to show that they are doing so.

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Share Drinking On Duty

If an employee returns from a lunch break or attempts to begin a day’s work and appears to be under the influence of alcohol or any other form of intoxication, can you dismiss them? And if so, what are the proper procedures to follow?  

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Share Your Employer Can Use Your Social Media Against You

What you need to know should you decided to sue your employer. They can use your social media space against you.

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Share Temporary Disability

Many employees do not know of many laws that protect them as employees at work, when trouble comes they do not know what to do because they are uninformed.



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Share Protect Yourself Against Credit Card Fraud

We’ve all heard about credit card fraud and how these scams can actually take your card and use it as their own, thou in stores there are signs that say people paying by card should have an identity card to prove that they are really who they say they are, I’ve been in stores and used my card and nobody ever ask me for id verification.

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Share Defrauding Your Insurer Is A Crime

Fraud is the main problem for all types of insuarence policies, it is estimated that in 2011 alone South African insurance industry had aaround 10 billion of fraudulent claims.

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Share Safety Wear Can Be a Life Saver

Any job that involves heavy manual labor or material handling includes a high risk of injury. Manual material handling does not only include physical risks but could also include health risks. The importance of work wear can be best understood by people who work in an environment vulnerable to accidents

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