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Share Why Yuppies Retire Poor?

Ask people the following question: "You have a small worm, 10mm long, which grows at only 10 percent each day; how long will it be after one year?" Don’t use a calculator, answer based on intuition.

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Share Ensure That Your Last Wishes Are Carried Out

“Imagine if you die without a will and your assets are given to someone you despise and felt that should not have any of your hard earned belongings”.

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Share Health News: U.S. Works to Expedite Adoptions of Haitian Children

Washington (CNN) -- The U.S. government announced Monday that it has eased the requirements for orphaned children from Haiti to enter the United States on a temporary basis.

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Share The Breakup - Telling Your Children About Divorce

Breaking the news of divorce to your children, no matter their age can be devastating and an emotional turbulent thing to do. As a parent, you may feel as if you have failed them. For the child he or she may blame himself or herself for the divorce. As difficult as it is, openly communicating to your child about the divorce can help them deal with their loss.

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Share Domestic Violence

Domestic violence should not happen to anybody.Ever.But in the country that we live in it does and when it does, there is help. Maybe you have lived with abuse, maybe it happened just once;

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Share A Parents Guide To The Internet: Hunting Grounds For Paedophiles

The internet is an information hub that provides people with resources in an easy and efficient way by connecting people across the world.

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Share Precautions Should Be Taken With Internet Banking

The technological world transformation has improved drastically over the last decade; however criminals have also become equally smarter

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Share What Is A Paedophile?

A paedophile is a person with a sexual attraction towards young children and come from all social, income, racial, gender, ethnic and age groups.

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Share Antenuptial Agreements


Premarital agreement, also known as an ante nuptial agreement or prenuptial agreement, is an agreement entered into by couples before getting married.

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Share The Path To Adoption

Adoption has become a permanent feature with many married couples, but there is little that we know about this arrangement as the general citizenship. This article will give you a detailed guideline about this process.

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