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Share Thats How You Do Her< Now That You Are Rich? 10 Years Live Partner Of Recent Lottery Winner Sues Him For Half

They lived together for 10 years and whne he hit the lottery jackpot he broke up with her and left her down and out, she's fighting back suing him for half his winnings.

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Share 3 Year Old Boy Fined For Urinating In Public View

a 3 year old boy received a fine of $2.50 for urinating in his front yard

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Share American Woman Sues Doctor For Testing Her Without Her Consent

A woman who refused to test for HIV is suing her doctor after he tested her without her consent

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Share Triangle Of Bullying, The Bully, Victim And Bystander

Bullying has been talked about for such a long time now that I feel the issue is exhausted, at least from the angle of the bully and the victim angle, once side/ angle  of this horrible deed that has not been tackled is the bystanders side.

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Share Gauteng MEC Says Bullying Is Under-Reported

  Bullying is a severe problem for Gauteng schools, but the true scale is not known due to under-reporting, provincial education MEC Barbara Creecy said.

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Share How To Spot A Cyber Stalker

Internet era came with a lot of positive things for us, we literally have the world at the click of the button, but with all of that positivity comes lot of negativity too

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Share Is Your Child At Risk?

The online world has become an important part of teenager’s lives. So parents should be aware of the possibilities and problems that could affect your kids while using the internet.

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Share Children Through Parent Divorce

According to the telegraph news ministers intend to rewrite the law in attempt to get equal access to their children after a divorce.

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Share How To Spot An Abused Child

Child abuse is any harm done to a child by someone responsable for that child. It can take place anywhere, from a child's home, day care or playground.

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Share The Key To Comfort After Death

An essential part of Estate Planning is setting up a Will, as this stipulates how you would want your assets to be dealt with in the event of your death.

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